Acne, both teen and adult acne, is one of our focuses here at Brazen Bee. It is one of the top compaints of clients and about 85% of people in the United States will have acne at some point in their lives. Rest assured that you do not have to live with it. Brazen Bee has a 90% improvement rate for acne clients, and we get most every pimple and blackhead gone by the time it's all said and done. 

There are many things to consider with acne treatment and diet is definitely on of them. I encourage you to start by drinking at least half a gallon of water a day and up to one gallon. Add more fiber to your diet so that your body can eliminate unwanted pollutants easier. Those are the basics, but keep in mind that I have helped many clients discover they have dairy allergies or allergies to thinks like bell peppers and these were one cause of unexpected break-outs. 

But what should you be treating your acne with?? 

1. NO SOAP. Soap is a great supporter of acne and clogged pores. Want more acne? Use soap and clean that skin until it's dry and loses all the wonderful oils that it naturally makes. Soap strips skin of oil, tightens up pores and causes the top layer of skin to stretch taught across the face or body, thus wearing on the quality and connectivity of the skin cells. '

2. Melee facewash (some people stick with EffOff, which was the original Acne facewash, Melee is the improved version)

3. SHU Healing Moisturizer or Chally HA! Oil Cleanser

I much prefer that you get both of these items than just one of them as they do different things for the skin. SHU is one of the absolute mainstays of Brazen Bee and this moisturizer is famous for reducing redness, healing scarring, improving elasticty and wrinkles, and reducing acne dramatically. Do not attempt to clear up your acne without it. SHU is also a wonderful oil cleanser, so do not think you won't be able to oil cleanse if you just order SHU.

It has also cleared up eczema, clients swear by it for pervasively dry skin anywhere on thier body and it is an amazing tattoo healer.

Chally HA! Oil Cleanser is optional, but highly recommended. If you have not oil cleansed before, then you haven't lived. If you haven't oil cleansed and you have acne, then you really haven't lived. I beg of you to read this article about oil cleansing as you want to stay away from coconut oil and olive oil.

Chally HA is specifically formulated to kill acne bacteria very efficiently, promote the protective layer of the skin, pull white heads and blackheads from the skin, and deeply nourish damaged skin.