I have successfully treated rosacea many times. Rosacea is, however, not a quick ailment to fix. It's about rebuilding the skin and cell quality and reminding the skin to calm down and stop giving away our every emotion like a chameleon. 

Here are the products that I highly recommend and that have helped others with rosacea.

1. Melee Facewash or Georgia Sweet Facewash. Please do not use EffOff as we have found that rosacea clients consistently improve more and have a better reaction with Melee or Georgia Sweet. The alpha hydroxy acids in both of these washes must be important to soothing rosacea skin.

You must add the following ingredients to your facewash to treat rosacea:

I also recommend Horsetail and White Willow Bark as both of these are overall tonics that provide vitamins, minerals, and salicylic acid which improve skin health with even more speed.

Some rosacea clients also found great results by adding Comfrey to their facewash. This may be because of Comfrey's highly anti-bacterial nature and the fact that some studies show that rosacea might be caused by a bacteria.

2. SHU Healing Moisturizer

SHU is extremely soothing and rebuild the elastic characteristics of skin while taking redness down to nill. The ucuuba butter in SHU is known to not only be anti-bacterial, but to be one of the best soothers you can find. This Moisturizer was created to heal both extreme cases of eczema and rosacea and to be used a daily moisturizer for everyone. I don't recommend treating rosacea without a very intense and deeply healing moisturizer.

3. EyeEye Captain

While this serum was originally intended for the eyes, it is an all-over the face serum that fortifies the skin with many of the herbs I recommend above for your facewash. Rosacea is often accompanied by thin and degenerating skin that does not hold moisture well and seems a bit flacid to the touch. EyeEye Captain rebuilds skin by feeding it at the cellular level.