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The MINI size of our wonderful Stiletto Moisturizer!



 The intensely healing quality oils used in Stiletto are nothing to dismiss. From the famed black cumin seed oil to argan, to the rare cucumber seed oil and tamanu... the exotic meets the practical here for an extremely well-rounded moisturizer that will last and last.

Stilleto is the new version of our previous product,  Black SHU. When I asked a bar full of women what you would call an amped up version of SHU, the pinnacle of SHU, some of them didn't know SHU is a moisturizer and one replied with "Stiletto!" Of course!!

 A little bit goes a very long way as we refuse to add water to our lotions to make them creamy and cheap. 

Ingredients: Ghana and Burkino Fasso Shea Butters, Ucuuba Butter, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil, Andiroba Oil, Oat Oil, Essential Oills: Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli



Moisturizers are crucial to proper healing, scar prevention, and wrinkle prevention. A good moisturizer is packed with healing oils and butters from nature, but never clogs pores with ingredients like glycerin or silicon. The skin MAKES OIL because it NEEDS OIL. Providing the right oily nutrition can speed healing and improve the quality of the skin like you have never seen before.


Apply after anytime you wash your face. It will be absorbed within 10 minutes. PRO TIP: leave fingers and face wet prior to application and apply a VERY small amount. If you are going to wear makeup, leave some time to absorb before makeup application. 


Our moisturizers are recommended for dry or oily skin! At night, apply what feels like “too much” to the face and sleep with it on. This gives the skin a chance to take up and utilize the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that support healthy skin.


Apply what feels like “way too much” at night and go to bed. What you are doing is telling your skin that it does not need to overproduce oil and that you will feed it well every day so that it can stop making so much oil. Your oily skin will be markedly improved within one week with continued improvement over time. After two weeks of “way too much” at night treatment, you can adjust back to normal nightly use.


SHU Healing Moisturizer was developed specifically for acne relief. Acne needs oil. Acne needs anti-bacterial action. Acne needs soothing. Acne needs SHU. Apply liberally and you may want to reapply throughout the day for the first few days of use. Especially since you touch your face often and the antibacterial action is important.


 Skin needs a daily nutrition boost! It is critical to give skin a thin layer of bioavailable vitamins and minerals with your daily routine. Directions: Use twice daily. Apply liberally after cleansing. While toner is still wet, apply your favorite Brazen Bee Moisturizer. It helps the moisturizer spread evenly as well as super charging it with bioavailable vitamins and minerals.


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    Brazen Bee + Skin Cycling= HEALING!

    Posted by Melina on Jan 4th 2023

    My skin type: sensitive & hormonal cystic acne. What helped to heal my skin: Brazen Bee Products + Skin Cycling. Even using EXCLUSIVELY Brazen Bee for 5+ years now, I found that doing too much for/with my skin at once was overload for my skin, so I pulled back to only necessary products combined with skin cycling and found MASSIVELY positive results. I will use this as my moisturizer, and also use stiletto + chally ha as moisturizer on recovery skin cycling days to do "slugging" especially during Colorado dry winter when my skin needs extra moisturizer, or based on where I am in my monthly cycle/what my skin is telling me it needs. Courtney has been telling us about "slugging" LONG before it had the term. Slugging=putting on "too much moisturizer" Skin Cycling: Day 1-Exfoliate Day 2- Retinoid Product Day 3-Recovery MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE Day 4- Recovery MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE

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    Posted by Nicole Underwood on Jun 29th 2020

    This is my all time favorite moisturizer! I used to have super oily skin but when I use this every night before I go to bed, my skin stays oil free all day. It smells amazing and has helped keep my skin clear while wearing a mask for my 14 hour shifts at the hospital. Plus, I even use it on my baby when he gets a cut or scrape.

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    Posted by Sue on Feb 19th 2020

    I have rosacea problem. Courtney recommended I try stiletto. I bought the mini for trial. I have used it for a week and I am happy with it. So far, I don't have any irritation whatsoever. Now I am ordering the bigger size. Will give further feedback after I finish the bigger tub. Fingers crossed.

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