Remove Toxins From Your Routine

Mar 26th 2021

We are in the midst of a toxin crisis! They're hiding in our every day products. Hope is not lost! Find the facts to make informed choices. We're using so many things with ingredients that ultimately cause infertility and cancer. We have be...
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How to use clay in your skincare routine

Feb 6th 2021

Skincare with clay can make a world of difference:here's how this beautiful dirt can make or break your mantle.Using clay is appropriate for everyone, one of the biggest concerns should be HOW you use it.1. NEVER LET CLAY DRY on your face.There is on...
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Toxins in Skincare - Video of Round Table Event

Aug 27th 2020

ROUND TABLE WITH BRAZEN BEE - AUGUST 23, 2020Did you miss the virtual event? Watch the full round table discussion here: Introduction by Courtney HensleeThe United States has the most lax laws on topical products of any nation in its wealth brack...
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Deceptive Ingredient Lists

Feb 20th 2020

Just a couple of days ago I was intrigued by the 4,000th ad hitting me on Facebook about another "no shampoo" solution. I often click to see what other companies are doing and are *saying* is "no poo". I'm most often just disappointed to see it's yet...
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What the HECK am I DOING in the Beauty Industry?!?!

Oct 23rd 2019

It's a real struggle some days to be a part of the “Beauty Industry.” I am horribly embarrassed by the way other companies market and the products they peddle: tricking customers into believing their product is natural, fooling people about what...
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What IS Unrefined? Skincare in the bag

Sep 1st 2019

Unrefined. Raw. Crude. Plain. Untreated. Unprocessed.  Why should you be looking for these words when it comes to skincare?These words mean that the formulator knows that there is far more nutrition in raw ingredients than there are in "ext...
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