My Story
I have been studying herbs and nutrition for 27 year now. 14 years ago, I started making a weird powdered facewash in my kitchen. It cleared up my acne, then it cleared up all friends. People were showing up to my door asking if they could pay for more of it. A company was accidentally born.
I actually purchased my first ingredients for the business with my food stamps. I soon turned $300 in food stamps into $1500. I realized that my years of experience and knowledge with plants could give my children a better life if I was willing to work hard.
Fast forward to 2024 and I've had 3 store locations in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and we are now moving back to Texas, where I first began Brazen Bee. 
I have extensive experience in H.E. , Eczema/Psoriasis, Acne (of all ages), Highly Sensitive Skin, Fungal Problems, and more
I love my clients deeply and love to text back and forth to do consults. 719-299-0921
I love sharing my herbal and foraging knowledge that I have acquired over 27 years. You'll find that on my substack HERE
Every single product is handmade by me now that I've closed down my physical store. Every single formula is completely natural with zero preservatives, liquid plastics, or glycerin. I am a stickler for purity and effectiveness. If the product description says it does something, it does it.
I'm southern, I don't eff around. Everything multi-tasks and everything works. 
Because Nature's Cure is Perfect...
Courtney Henslee