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The intensely healing quality oils used in Stiletto are nothing to dismiss. From the famed Black Cumin Seed Oil to Argan, to the rare Tamanu Oil... the exotic meets the practical here for an extremely well-rounded moisturizer that will last and last.

 A little bit goes a very long way as we refuse to add water to our lotions to make them creamy and cheap. 

Ingredients: Ghana and Burkino Fasso Shea Butters, Ucuuba Butter, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, Andiroba Oil, Oat Oil, Essential Oills: Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli



Moisturizers are crucial to proper healing, scar prevention, and wrinkle prevention. A good moisturizer is packed with healing oils and butters from nature, but never clogs pores with ingredients like glycerin or silicon. The skin MAKES OIL because it NEEDS OIL. Providing the right oily nutrition can speed healing and improve the quality of the skin like you have never seen before.


Apply after anytime you wash your face. It will be absorbed within 10 minutes. PRO TIP: leave fingers and face wet prior to application and apply a VERY small amount. If you are going to wear makeup, leave some time to absorb before makeup application. 


Our moisturizers are recommended for dry or oily skin! At night, apply what feels like “too much” to the face and sleep with it on. This gives the skin a chance to take up and utilize the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that support healthy skin.


Apply what feels like “way too much” at night and go to bed. What you are doing is telling your skin that it does not need to overproduce oil and that you will feed it well every day so that it can stop making so much oil. Your oily skin will be markedly improved within one week with continued improvement over time. After two weeks of “way too much” at night treatment, you can adjust back to normal nightly use.


SHU Healing Moisturizer was developed specifically for acne relief. Acne needs oil. Acne needs anti-bacterial action. Acne needs soothing. Acne needs SHU. Apply liberally and you may want to reapply throughout the day for the first few days of use. Especially since you touch your face often and the antibacterial action is important.


 Skin needs a daily nutrition boost! It is critical to give skin a thin layer of bioavailable vitamins and minerals with your daily routine. Directions: Use twice daily. Apply liberally after cleansing. While toner is still wet, apply your favorite Brazen Bee Moisturizer. It helps the moisturizer spread evenly as well as super charging it with bioavailable vitamins and minerals.


Kids Deserve a Good Skin Care Routine
Posted Mar 6th 2023 by Kelley

Proper skin care in Colorado is so important, as is teaching my son how to care for his skin. Stiletto is a life changer. Since his first use, my 10yo son now applies stiletto after every shower for hydration and to keep his tween acne at bay. He won't go without it. I will be able to send him to school with confidence as he gets older, and showing him how to take care of his skin has been a bonding experience.

Clean Products
Posted Mar 1st 2023 by Sandra Lamb

I have been using Brazen Beauty products for a few months. My dry, aging skin has never felt or looked better. Stiletto is my go-to for moisture. Also, the customer service that Courtney provides is something you will not see from any other brands. I'm hooked!

Brazen Bee + Skin Cycling= HEALING!
Posted Jan 4th 2023 by Melina

My skin type: sensitive & hormonal cystic acne. What helped to heal my skin: Brazen Bee Products + Skin Cycling. Even using EXCLUSIVELY Brazen Bee for 5+ years now, I found that doing too much for/with my skin at once was overload for my skin, so I pulled back to only necessary products combined with skin cycling and found MASSIVELY positive results. I will use this as my moisturizer, and also use stiletto + chally ha as moisturizer on recovery skin cycling days to do "slugging" especially during Colorado dry winter when my skin needs extra moisturizer, or based on where I am in my monthly cycle/what my skin is telling me it needs. Courtney has been telling us about "slugging" LONG before it had the term. Slugging=putting on "too much moisturizer" Skin Cycling: Day 1-Exfoliate Day 2- Retinoid Product Day 3-Recovery MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE Day 4- Recovery MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE

Stiletto Moisturizer
Posted Dec 19th 2022 by Angela

My face is both dry and oily. This is the only moisturizer I have and will ever use to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy and moisturized without being greasy. Thank you Courtney! You are a Godsend!!

Posted Aug 25th 2022 by Debbie Kimball

Never dreamed walking into Brazen Bee I would be hooked! Told Courtney about my rosacea and she set me up with face wash and stiletto moisturizer. It’s been 2 months and the rosacea is calming down with the healing herbs in the face wash. At 57 I was starting to get age spots. These too are getting lighter and smaller. My skin feels so light and soft!

Great product, be careful of hot weather
Posted Jul 15th 2022 by Darcy

I love this product. Tried it two years ago on a trip to Colorado Springs. I ordered this time on line and had it shipped (along with another product, that did not melt as badly) I will say; doing that is probably not the best idea in the summer and having it delivered to Kansas. Before I could get it out of the mailbox, it had completely liquified. It doesn't seem to have hurt it, but you can tell it's not what it should be. I will still buy it again, but maybe wait until better weather, or until I can get it in person!

Posted Mar 24th 2021 by Melina W

My sensitive, acne/cystic acne prone, rosacea face LOVES this moisturizer! EXTREMELY healing!! Also helps to combat the arid Colorado climate.

Stilleto moisturizer
Posted Oct 9th 2020 by Denise Townsend

I absolutely love this! I have dry skin and I love the way it feels after I put it on!! It’s fabulous !!

Absolutely Love This Product
Posted Jun 12th 2020 by Denise Townsend

While vacationing in Colorado last year, my daughter purchased this for me. It is the best moisturizer for my skin at 64 yrs old. I continue to use this product and am so thankful I got it!!

Posted Mar 31st 2020 by JOAN

As with all of the products I have tried from Brazen Bee, Stiletto is the only cream I use now. Living in the dry climate of Colorado it has been an never ending search for a good moisturizer. Found it!! I feel so good using Courney's products because I know the ingredients are first class, organic and cruelty free. Also, I am supporting a wonderful small business.

Stiletto lotion
Posted Mar 30th 2020 by Matt

Very good product. Lasts a long time. Would like an even bigger size!

Stiletto Moisturizer
Posted Feb 9th 2020 by Dana

Oh my...in love! Used twice a day on my face and neck. I also use it as body moisturizer. Smells great! Leaves my face glowing. Traded my pricey skincare line for all Brazen Bee Beauty products. Don't regret it for a split second!

Posted Dec 1st 2019 by Tabitha

I use stiletto to moisturize my face daily and my skin feels incredible! A little bit goes a long way and it’s got such a light feel to it. I absolutely cannot love without this product! I also use it to heal new tattoos. Calms the redness and heals so nicely. Get a vat of this stuff, y’all!

Posted Nov 25th 2019 by Melissa

This cream is amazing! I’ve used the cheap stuff and the expensive and nothing compares to this.

Posted Sep 26th 2019 by Monica

I've been using this moisturizer for over 6 weeks now mostly at night! I'm such a fan. A little but goes a long way! No fillers just straight great for your face ingredients! I even rub it on my elbows and knees for extra moisture! I would recommend this to everyone who wants to see a difference in their skin. I used to be extremely oily...aka fry an egg on my forehead by noon. Not anymore just a subtle healthy sheen!

Posted Apr 25th 2019 by Cami

This stuff is like the creamiest butter. So rich and so healing. And my gosh it feels good scooping a bit of this out and rubbing it in to my face. All of the brazen bee moistures are my favorite! And guys I feel like I’ve tried all the natural products out there. These are my favorite.

Perfect for Brazilian wax recovery
Posted Feb 3rd 2019 by Kelley

I started getting waxed down there and the waxing studio suggests applying an oil or face moisturizer for the first couple of days wafter waxing. With how amazing Stiletto is, of course it would be perfect to heal my skin quickly after an aggressive treatment! Forever love.

Stiletto ♡
Posted Sep 10th 2018 by Alison

I use Stiletto (and Easy A) because they are both so amazing. My skin is happy! You don't need to use a lot, so a jar lasts a good while. My skin stays soft and hydrated all day long and has actually improved my oily skin. Thank you for creating such wonderful products!

Stiletto to the Rescue!
Posted Apr 23rd 2018 by Jane

I came home yesterday with the beginning of a sunburn. After a generous application of Stiletto, I woke up this morning to -- NO SUNBURN. I couldn't be happier! Thanks Courtney!

Stiletto Rocks!
Posted Mar 5th 2018 by Jessie

Oh I really love this stuff. It does such a great job moisturising and evening our my skin tone. I am near 40 so wanted something to help deter the aging process and I can definitely notice the lines around my mouth are much softer. I put this on a little thicker at night and every morning my skin is just glowing. I’ve been using it daily for 3 weeks now and still have plenty left!

All day moisturizer
Posted Mar 2nd 2018 by Megan

I love this lotion so much! Silky texture is so nice. My face isn't left oily or feeling like I have a heavy film of cream on it. I won't use anything else now. I use it on other dry spots in a pinch. Oh and it smells amazing! Thanks Courtney

I'm digging it!
Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Patricia

I switch back and forth with SMU. I love them both. My old lady skin is disappearing!

Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Brittany Perez

Let me start by saying you need a small one for your purse and a large one for home because you will want it all the time, especially if you live in Colorado!! I use this moisturizer daily and love the smooth feeling of my skin! It's not to oily for me, I apply makeup after! Amazing daily product for all!!

SHU on Steroids
Posted Feb 18th 2018 by AnnKatherine

I got to try this in the facial try pack and it is amazing. I love SHU and stand by that I feel like it can clear up almost any skin issue. Stiletto is just like SHU, but even better. It works faster and feels like liquid gold on your skin. The tiniest bit goes such a long way and can be used for so much. Acne, boils, dry skin, rough skin, you name it. You will not regret trying it!

Essential to my regimen
Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Hawk

This is the #1 thing i cannot live without. From head to toe, literally, this product makes me feel so soft and loved. Courtney’s love comes through in every product, but this one always feels like a hug. Black cumin seed is healing up my damaged skin, and stretch marks are going away. This is the perfect product.

Great Product
Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Inna

I have a hard time picking which moisturizer I like the most. This one my husband loves. His hands get super cracked from using awful chemical laden soap ,and from constantly flying. He came home with his hands cracking to the point of bleeding. He used this for two days and his hands were already healing. It's very moisturizing and works well.

Beautiful whipped texture.
Posted Feb 17th 2018 by DeRae

The same beautiful whipped texture as the original SHU Moisturizer. Smells like lovely cumin. Super concentrated. I love the packaging on this one!

2nd Favorite Part of the Day
Posted Dec 29th 2017 by Isabel

After I shower with the Hazelnut Coffee scrub, omg, I dry myself off and slather on this amazing product! I feel so refreshed and ready for my day after I moisturize with Stiletto!!! My skin looks and feels better than ever!

Great Face Moisture!
Posted Oct 22nd 2017 by Caitlin Morissette

Used after the new Dead Sea Mud Mask for the first time. My skin feels amazingly smooth, non-greasy, even-toned, and the small bit of redness in my cheeks and chin seem much relieved. Not surprised as I have loved every product I’ve tried so far! :)

Best product for dry skin
Posted Oct 7th 2017 by Taty

I have never used anything that keeps my face hydrated all day long. I have dry skin that cracks and peels, but Stiletto makes my skin super soft and looking healthy. Love it!! A litte bit goes a long way.

So thick and moisturizing!
Posted Jul 16th 2017 by Sara

A little goes a long way, so this jar will last me a long time. This moisturizer is heaven for dry skin and the ingredient list is impressive! If you have dry skin you definitely need this in your life!

Posted Jun 4th 2017 by Jana Hayes

These moisturizers are amazing! I use stiletto on my hands after a long day of being in and out of chemical filled sanitizer and my hands stay smooth and soft! For when my hands are really bad I use second skin!

Exactly what my post surgery skin needed
Posted Mar 4th 2017 by Ghiselli

I treated myself to a jar of Stiletto right after I had top surgery a few months ago, and I'm really glad I did! My poor skin was so itchy, tight, and so very nervy from my newly healing scars and Stiletto helped with all of it. I didn't have to reapply every 20 minutes like I did with other lotions I had to use right after surgery, and my surgeon said she is really impressed to see that my skin is healing ahead of schedule!

Love this stuff!
Posted Jan 27th 2017 by Cassandra

This cream is perfect for an everyday moisturizer. You don't need very much and it smells light and fresh. I've been using it for about two weeks now and have noticed a significant difference in the texture of my skin and how it's gotten less oily and become more balanced. Definitely will purchase again.

Stilleto does wonders for your face!
Posted Jul 13th 2016 by Edie

I love Courtney's Stilleto moisturizer. I've been using it for a year or so and use it every night. Recently a 35 year old neice commented that I don't have many wrinkles for a 70 year old. I've noticed that myself. It is the Stilleto.

Rich but light
Posted May 31st 2016 by undefined

I'm on my second container. I use it at night and am very happy with how it addresses dryness without feeling heavy or sticky.

My nightly use of Stilleto moisturizer
Posted May 2nd 2016 by Edie

I love my nightly use of Stilleto moisturizer! Recently a friend told me that I didn't have many wrinkles at all for being 72 years old. I credit my nightly Stilleto for that observation. You will too.

Pregnant Tummy
Posted Jan 27th 2016 by Christine McCloud

When I first found out that I was pregnant with my third, my first instinct was to call Courtney and ask what to start using immediately to prevent undue stretch marks and scaring. She told me the newest best thing around was her Stiletto Moisturizer so I purchased right away and was not disappointed! I have not had a single new stretch mark appear, and the ones I already had are staying the same. I am beyond thrilled! This product is the best for pregnant moms and everyone in between.

Use it every night
Posted Jan 26th 2016 by Edie

I don't go to bed until I use the Stiletto moisturizer on my face. Besides having a nice smell, this moisturer keeps my skin feeling smooth and without blemish. I even think that it has definitely kept some wrinkles from setting up residence on my face.

Great for chapped toddler tooshies too!
Posted Jan 23rd 2016 by undefined

My toddler isn't the best at cleaning his bottom after using the wc, so one day his bottom became itchy and red. Using a combination of A&D and Desitin helped temporarily, but it came back with a vengeance and his tooshie was so red and swollen it hurt to look at. So I decided to put some Stiletto on it and within HOURS his bottom looked and felt so much better!

Posted Nov 24th 2015 by Tif

It keeps my skin healthy and vibrant. I went to Courtney when I started to notice my ever normal and balanced skin starting to show signs of age, she knew exactly what to do and started me on a easy daily regimen. Yes, Stiletto (and SHU) are thick and can feel a oily. But fear not it is exactly what your skin needs to balance itself out. The travel tubes are fantastic for your purse or the gym, a little goes a long way.

Like nothing I have ever used
Posted Nov 20th 2015 by Rebecca

I have pretty oily skin and was very hesitant to use such a (seemingly) thick moisturizer but after ONE WEEK of consistent use my skin is less oily, much smoother and less porous. It goes on light, absorbs well and smells awesome. It is simply amazing

Posted Nov 4th 2015 by Deena

i love brazen bee so much! i was away travelling for 5 days and didn't bring my stiletto---i ended up with a bit of a rash from sitting on the plane for hours! it's kind of like chubrub but much worse! on my inner thighs. while i was away, i picked up hydrocortosone to stop the itching, but the inflammation and redness didn't go away. i got home late the other night and slathered stiletto all over. the next morning, the rash was already halved! and a light pink instead of hot red. so grateful!!

Posted Oct 6th 2015 by undefined

I've only used it a couple of times since it arrived. If you love Shu you will love this too. It's like Shu on steroids. Give it a try.

Soft and Hydrated Skin
Posted Jul 9th 2015 by Miko

This is the second of Brazen Bee products I have used for my peeling and dry shoulders after sun burn. I am touching my abused skin and I feel great! I recommend putting it anywhere you're planning or hoping to be touched by another. I also gave my muscles a good massage with this cream and did not need to use much. Smells great, too.

Posted Jul 8th 2015 by Christin

This was the first moisturizer I purchased. I originally bought this for my son. I thought I would try it for my daily moisturizer. I was hooked the first time I used it. I even find myself telling my husband to use it for skin related topics. He also really liked how it worked. A little goes a long way. A stronger smell than most, but doesn't last long. A must have for your household!

SHU Amplified
Posted Jul 6th 2015 by Deena

Have you tried SHU? Did you think it could get any better? I didn't think it could, but uh, Stiletto hits that nail right on the head. I have super sensitive skin, and SHU was my go-to for super moisture and healing powers. Stiletto is SHU Amplified. Super moisture, super healing, and has even helped fade some acne scars. I use Stiletto on my face, on my cracked heels (a miracle worker), everywhere. I use it to heal chubrub (under my breasts and in between thighs) as well as to heal cysts. I used to try to heal cysts by drying them out, but that's not the answer. Stiletto is! Actually it's the answer to pretty much all ailments..

Best moisture for your face.
Posted Jul 6th 2015 by Kathleen Bennett

I use this moistiurizer in the morning after I clean my face before jumping in the shower. By the time I am out of the shower it has soaked into my skin and I am ready for makeup. My skin is ready for the day!

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Stiletto Moisturizer, For scarring, aging, and general skin health.