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Three Mini Size Concentrated Moisturizers. Shu Healing Moisturizer, Stiletto Moisturizer and Easy-A Moisturizer

SHU Healing Moisturizer

SHU was carefully developed for daily moisturizing and extremely fast healing. 

Many other products add glycerin and/or types of liquid plastics like silicone for a feeling of temporary moisture and relief. Neither of these actually feed the cells, but instead, put a band-aid layer over the skin like seran wrap that can wow for a couple of hours. These are nowhere near as breathable as a healthy dose of triglycerides and vitamins. 

Ghana Shea and Burkina Fasso Shea: I have combined both shea butters here for maximum benefit of both. Shea butter is full of stearic acid, which is deeply cleansing and helpful for acne and skin issues that need a "bring it up and out" approach. Tired of paying for an expensive "Vitamin A cream"? Shea butter is a vitamin A AND vitamin E cream in one. So the base of your moisturizer is on solid ground.

Hazelnut Oil- hazelnut oil is a highly penetrative due to a good percentage of polyphenols. It has also been shown to be effective for acne because it is anti-inflammatory and astringent. 

Ucuuba Butter- This has always been the secret powerhouse of SHU. Ucuuba is in the nutmeg family and has helped immensely with eczema and psoriasis. It is extremely rich in fatty acids, is anti-bacterial, and is said to be especially helpful for mature skin in toning and brightening the complexion. 

Karanja Seed Oil- **NEW to SHU**** with very good reason. It cleared up my oldest daughter's acne in 2 days- and she has very bad acne when she fails to use her facewash and lotion. Karanja is in the same family with neem but has a much less offensive odor. It is very high in triglycerides, which are extremely important in creating a magical protective barrier over your skin without clogging pores. This oil is also high in flavonoids, which are anti-oxidants and very astringent. Tannic acid is present in karanja seed oil. Tannic acid treats rashes, fever blisters, and other irritations or bacterial infections.  Karanja is an extremely well-rounded oil with so many benefits that it is easy to see how it further improves the efficacy of SHU. For those who have used the original version of SHU, this is the ingredient that makes a much more silky feel.

Frankincense Oil- Frankincense made its way into Brazen Bee products the moment I heard that research shows it kills skin cancer cells. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers and anything that we can do as a preventative measure should be taken. I am not purporting that your facewash will prevent skin cancer in any way, but the research should be looked at and judged accordingly. Aromatherapy: spiritually grounding

Lavender Oil- Lavender is one of the most well-known skin soothers around. With a high amount of linalool, this wonderful oil is used across most skin care formulas because it simply works. It also helps to heal scars and diminish redness. Aromatherapy: soothing

Elemi Oil- Here is the third new ingredient to SHU. Elem

Stiletto Moisturizer

The intensely healing quality oils used in Stiletto are nothing to dismiss. From the famed Black Cumin Seed Oil to Argan, to the rare Tamanu Oil... the exotic meets the practical here for an extremely well-rounded moisturizer that will last and last.

A little bit goes a very long way as we refuse to add water to our lotions to make them creamy and cheap. 

Ingredients: Ghana and Burkino Fasso Shea Butters, Ucuuba Butter, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, Andiroba Oil, Oat Oil, Essential Oills: Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli

Easy-A Moisturizer

This is a combination of important aspects of Stiletto MoisturizerEnlightened Oil Blend, and Retin Rose.

This moisturizer is not only for those looking to simplify their nightly application, but also for those who've wanted to try some of the aspects of Enlightened Oil and Retin Rose. This affords all the best of each of them in one price point. You will only need to use a small amount daily of this creamy formula. You will find it is softer than Stiletto or SHU Healing Moisturizer because we've used Cupuacu Butter as the base.

The Cupuaçu Butter is thought to be superior to Shea Butter at penetrating the skin and retaining moisture. It is known to absorb damaging rays even though it does not have a number of its own for SPF protection. Studies have been done with it in hospitals and by large skincare companies, all with fantastic results on stronger collagen, decrease in skin problems, and improved cellular water retention anti-wrinkle)

We have added a small amount of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to provide a good array of solid fatty acids for the skin to use.

From there we took Black Cumin Seed oil from the Stiletto Moisturizer- a very important part of skin aging because Black Cumin Seed Oil is so high in fabulous plant sterols that nourish skin (thymoquinone is the most studied of these sterols and it's benefits range across nearly ALL skin issues). It has been shown to be an effective treatment for pigmentation issues, acne, skin cancer, bacterial and fungal infections.

Still writing this full description but the rest of the ingredients are...

Camellia (Green Tea) Seed oil- high in vitamin E. Reduces sun damage and causes skin to digest extra melanin (age spots)

Avocado Seed Oil - very important in the skin's metabolism of extra melanin (age spots) and anti-inflammatory action as well as high in cartenoids, lecithin, Vitamin D and E

Sacha Inchi Oil - from the Amazon Basin, this is also known as "Incan Peanut" and is a beautiful nutty oil high in natural Vitamin E and alpha-linolenic acid (not a common omega fatty acid and one the body cannot make itself). Alpha-linolenic acid is a great free radical scavenger and is shown to be a great anti-inflammatory. Also a known for reversing and preventing photo-aging (aging from sun exposure)

Sea Buckthorn Oil - wowza! This one is such an intense babe. I can barely describe how dark red this oil is, it truly resembles blood and when you touch a drop, it stains the skin orange. If you use Retin Rose Serum, you know what I mean! Obviously, the content of beta carotene and other forms of vitamin A in this oil are very very high. But Sea Buckthorn is not just about vitamin A at all. It's got some plant components that are hard to find and STIMULATE HEALING of all kinds of skin issues. This gem of an oil is FAST AND EFFICIENT HEALER due to rare finds like Palmitooleic Acid and Gamma Linoleic Acid. It is an oil that is highly penetrative and gets it's nutrients deeply into layers of the skin to jump start all kinds of healing.

Rose Hip Seed Oil - This is where the ever-sacred Retinol comes from in this formula. This famous form of vitamin A turns over skin cells at a faster rate and, thus, not only heals older issues, but also creates a brighter complexion by making brand new skin cells faster. 



Moisturizers are crucial to proper healing, scar prevention, and wrinkle prevention. A good moisturizer is packed with healing oils and butters from nature, but never clogs pores with ingredients like glycerin or silicon. The skin MAKES OIL because it NEEDS OIL. Providing the right oily nutrition can speed healing and improve the quality of the skin like you have never seen before.


Apply after anytime you wash your face. It will be absorbed within 10 minutes. PRO TIP: leave fingers and face wet prior to application and apply a VERY small amount. If you are going to wear makeup, leave some time to absorb before makeup application. 


Our moisturizers are recommended for dry or oily skin! At night, apply what feels like “too much” to the face and sleep with it on. This gives the skin a chance to take up and utilize the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that support healthy skin.


Apply what feels like “way too much” at night and go to bed. What you are doing is telling your skin that it does not need to overproduce oil and that you will feed it well every day so that it can stop making so much oil. Your oily skin will be markedly improved within one week with continued improvement over time. After two weeks of “way too much” at night treatment, you can adjust back to normal nightly use.


SHU Healing Moisturizer was developed specifically for acne relief. Acne needs oil. Acne needs anti-bacterial action. Acne needs soothing. Acne needs SHU. Apply liberally and you may want to reapply throughout the day for the first few days of use. Especially since you touch your face often and the antibacterial action is important.


Skin needs a daily nutrition boost! It is critical to give skin a thin layer of bioavailable vitamins and minerals with your daily routine. Directions: Use twice daily. Apply liberally after cleansing. While toner is still wet, apply your favorite Brazen Bee Moisturizer. It helps the moisturizer spread evenly as well as super charging it with bioavailable vitamins and minerals.


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  • 5

    Posted by Courtney on Dec 21st 2023

    First off, my package was shipped super quickly and packaged so nicely. I am new to totally natural products but have had dry face skin for weeks during the winter and this stuff is amazing. It has a light, clean smell, you hardly need to use any to cover your whole face. The texture is probably the softest creaminess I have ever felt. It actually surprised me. And it feels light and not greasy at all. Plus all the research this company does and provides you with all the ingredients and benefits. It must have taken hundreds of hours to perfect. Excited to see the long term effects on my skin of going all natural.

  • 5
    must buy for travel

    Posted by Lindsey C. on Mar 14th 2022

    I bought this set to try multiple products and they did not disappoint. I have bought the larger sizes of each because I was so impressed. The stiletto is for all skin types. I recommend it for everyone and a little goes a long way. The easy A is for us ladies who are fighting aging skin. It's creamy and helps turn over skin cells quickly. I am 40 and my skin has not been this soft maybe ever!

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