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Blatantly effective. For acne, aging, and generally keeping up health and appearances. this toner doesn't mess around.

As a daily delivery system of white willow bark and cucumber concentrates, this toner is not just a close-up-your-pores and move-on kinda gal. 

Spring water, taken fresh and uncorrupted from Manitou Springs, Colorado, delivers magnesium and other minerals in their most absorbable state (colloidal, the smallest of them all!)



Aloe vera should never ever be skipped in a skin healing regimen. If you've got a fresh aloe plant at home, apply daily. If not, here's your source.

Tuck and tone every day with Blatant Toner. 

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Manitou Springs Water, Lavender Hydrosol, Organic low alcohol Witch Hazel, White Willow Bark Extract, Cucumber Extract


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    The Most Refreshing Part of My Regimen!

    Posted by Jennifer on Nov 17th 2021

    This toner is so refreshing. I like to keep mine cool, and use after a shower or cleanse with Georgia Sweet. I have super sensitive skin on my face, and often wash my face with just water, exfoliating sparingly. This toner really cools my skin, and helps to tighten everything up. 100% my favorite part of my regimen. Another big win from Brazen Bee!

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    Great product

    Posted by Helen on Jun 14th 2020

    I use it after getting out of shower. Has a little sting at first ( FYI I have extremely sensitive skin )but makes my face feel and look great

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    Blatant Toner

    Posted by Dana on Feb 9th 2020

    Great smelling and amazing toner. It feels great on your skin after washing your face. A refreshing, moisturizing and balancing facial toner. Helps even out redness post work-out and/or shower.

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    Can't start the day without it!

    Posted by Sunny Smith on Jun 17th 2019

    So refreshing! Settles my skin down after cleansing. I let dry briefly then apply the RetinRose Serum while still damp. Helps distribute it evenly across my face. Perfect combo!

  • 5
    Blatant Toner

    Posted by Jenna on Mar 12th 2018

    This stuff is wonderful! I live in Florida and often suffer from break outs. I use this on my face for hormonal break outs, and also on my back ( I tend to break out when i sweat a lot in the summer months). Using this along with my other products from Brazen Bee has made a huge difference in my skin.

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    Helped clear my acne

    Posted by Steph on Feb 19th 2018

    I have pretty sensitive skin but also have always had a lot of acne and this toner has been great to clear my acne without being to astringent and harsh for my skin! Makes me feel great!

  • 5
    Incredibly Powerful

    Posted by Kathryn Hardinger on Dec 23rd 2017

    Holy crap! Cortney amazes me again. I've tried tons of toners and they either burn, smell artificial, or just do nothing. This is effing fantastic! It is incredible how powerful her products are. . . I know they are more expensive than others you can find but the quality is incomparable. Seriously give this a try, you'll be hooked.

  • 5
    So Refreshing!

    Posted by Caitlin Morissette on Oct 22nd 2017

    I use this after my Melee face wash, and also on days I am too lazy to wash I will spritz before bed or upon waking. Feels refreshing and helps to maintain even skin tone and fight off acne. One of my favorite products!

  • 5
    Great quick fix

    Posted by Deena on Sep 17th 2017

    I love this toner! It's so much than a toner, honestly. When my chronically-ill-self is too tired or too much in pain to wash my face properly, I'm able to spritz this on my face and feel better. I do the same thing if I'm doing some housework and get sweaty, but not ready to shower or don't want to overwash my face. This stuff is great, feels great, doesn't leave any kind of sticky of oily residue like some toners have done for me in the past. Fabulous.

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