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This is a combination of important aspects of Stiletto Moisturizer, Enlightened Oil Blend, and Retin Rose.

This moisturizer is not only for those looking to simplify their nightly application, but also for those who've wanted to try some of the aspects of Enlightened Oil and Retin Rose. This affords all the best of each of them in one price point. You will only need to use a small amount daily of this creamy formula. You will find it is softer than Stiletto or SHU Healing Moisturizer because we've used Cupuacu Butter as the base.

The Cupuaçu Butter is thought to be superior to Shea Butter at penetrating the skin and retaining moisture. It is known to absorb damaging rays even though it does not have a number of its own for SPF protection. Studies have been done with it in hospitals and by large skincare companies, all with fantastic results on stronger collagen, decrease in skin problems, and improved cellular water retention anti-wrinkle)

We have added a small amount of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to provide a good array of solid fatty acids for the skin to use.

From there we took Black Cumin Seed oil from the Stiletto Moisturizer- a very important part of skin aging because Black Cumin Seed Oil is so high in fabulous plant sterols that nourish skin (thymoquinone is the most studied of these sterols and it's benefits range across nearly ALL skin issues). It has been shown to be an effective treatment for pigmentation issues, acne, skin cancer, bacterial and fungal infections.

Still writing this full description but the rest of the ingredients are...

Camellia (Green Tea) Seed oil- high in vitamin E. Reduces sun damage and causes skin to digest extra melanin (age spots)

Avocado Seed Oil - very important in the skin's metabolism of extra melanin (age spots) and anti-inflammatory action as well as high in cartenoids, lecithin, Vitamin D and E

Sacha Inchi Oil - from the Amazon Basin, this is also known as "Incan Peanut" and is a beautiful nutty oil high in natural Vitamin E and alpha-linolenic acid (not a common omega fatty acid and one the body cannot make itself). Alpha-linolenic acid is a great free radical scavenger and is shown to be a great anti-inflammatory. Also a known for reversing and preventing photo-aging (aging from sun exposure)

Sea Buckthorn Oil - wowza! This one is such an intense babe. I can barely describe how dark red this oil is, it truly resembles blood and when you touch a drop, it stains the skin orange. If you use Retin Rose Serum, you know what I mean! Obviously, the content of beta carotene and other forms of vitamin A in this oil are very very high. But Sea Buckthorn is not just about vitamin A at all. It's got some plant components that are hard to find and STIMULATE HEALING of all kinds of skin issues. This gem of an oil is FAST AND EFFICIENT HEALER due to rare finds like Palmitooleic Acid and Gamma Linoleic Acid. It is an oil that is highly penetrative and gets it's nutrients deeply into layers of the skin to jump start all kinds of healing.

Rose Hip Seed Oil - This is where the ever-sacred Retinol comes from in this formula. This famous form of vitamin A turns over skin cells at a faster rate and, thus, not only heals older issues, but also creates a brighter complexion by making brand new skin cells faster. 


Customer Reviews (5)

All in one!

Posted by Carrie on Oct 24th 2019
I received a trial size in the sample face wash/moisturizer pack. This seemed like the best option for treating my adult hormonal acne and help with skin discoloration from the acne. It really made a difference with my monthly breakouts! I don’t have clear and perfect skin...yet! I’ve been using strictly Brazen Bee products on my face for the last 7 months and have seen improvement!

My first BB product

Posted by Daniel on Oct 15th 2019
Easy A was the first Brazen Bee product I tried. A good friend had given them a glowing review, and the interesting thing with this particular friend is that she has exceptionally healthy looking skin. Well, being the jealous type that I am, I decided to try out a few of their moisturizers. My prior experience with other brands’ moisturizers was ‘meh’ - and that was with higher end products that honestly had prices well beyond my modest budget. But, the more affordable products seemed to irritate things much more than they seemed to help or moisturize. This all brought me to Easy A. First, the detailed instructions that come included in the box were a huge help. And since I had read the instructions I knew to use a very tiny amount of product, but it still surprised me how truly very little of this stuff is needed for the entire face and neck areas. Suggestion: put what you’d generally consider to be a tiny amount on your hand - and then use only half of that. It’s no joke when they say that a little goes a long way. What a huge improvement this tiny little amount of Easy A made to my complexion. It was amazing that my face didn’t feel oily, dry or irritated after just 1 day of using it. After day 2 I noticed that the overall redness of my skin had started to calm down. After a week with Easy A my complexion had experienced even more noticeable improvements, especially with the reductions in redness and uneven coloring. I’ve ditched the time consuming makeup I had often worn in the past in order to mask my reddish, angry looking skin. Easy A opened my eyes to how healthy my skin could look and feel all within a relatively short period of time. Since then I’ve tried several more brazen bee products, and I’ve loved using all of them - but Easy A is a top favorite because of how immediate and lasting the results have been for me. If your skin is a total disaster like mine was, and you don’t really know what’s wrong with it, I’d definitely give Easy A a try. For me, it solved several skin issues that finally gave my skin more of the balanced look that I’ve been seeking for many years.

Easy A

Posted by Jane on Jan 18th 2019
Great moisturizer; the cadillac of the moisturizer line!

Easy A

Posted by Alison on Sep 10th 2018
I normally used Courtney's Stiletto moisturizer, which is WONDERFUL and decided to give Easy A a try! I was not disappointed! It is smooth, and makes my face FEEL hydrated and soft. So many other creams out there are mostly wafer and my skin would feel "meh" or tight like paper. But Easy A showed me how good my skin could feel and look! Get Easy A, you'll be so glad you did!

Easy A - Grade A+

Posted by Jane on Jun 28th 2018
The texture of Easy A is sublime. Soft, goes on easily, moisturizes and nourishes my skin wonderfully. This one is a winner!!
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