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Make-up remover and facial cleanser in one. This is not a cheap wipe or plain coconut oil, it's true. But where do you most use make-up remover? Around your eyes. Where are your wrinkles going to start forming first? You may feel invincible right now, but I will tell you that when you hit 35, you are going to regret half the things you did to your face and wish you could take better care of it.

This oil cleanser is especially acne-fighting because it contains Chaulmoogra Oil from India. Once used to treat leprosy, chaulmoogra oil targets acne bacteria and slays it!

Oil cleansing is a wonderful option for all skin and should be done at least once a week by everyone no matter what other face-washes you are using. Chally HA! works as your daily make-up remover and your weekly oily cleanse (or daily oil cleanse!). It is also wonderful to put a few drops in your EffOff, Melee, or Georgia Sweet when you wash each day and make an oil scrub for your face.

We are now offering BULK PRICING on this product with an 8 oz bottle that you can refill your 1 or 2 oz bottles with. It's a much better price per ounce, better for the environment  to have less packaging, and you save on shipping by ordering larger quantities at a time.


Ingredients: Chaulmoogra Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Karanja Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Frankinsence, Sage

How to oil cleanse? Here is a great article by Crunchy Betty that I agree with (mostly)

Oil Cleansing in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Prepare. Either mix your oils together ahead of time, or have the bottles ready. Set a clean washcloth beside the sink. Turn the hot water on to warm up.
  2. Cleanse. Starting with a dirty face (no need to pre-clean here, even if you’re wearing makeup), rinse your face lightly with the warm, running water. Pour the oil in the palm of your hand and then apply gently all over your face. Massage firmly, but gently, always moving upwards. Massage for 2 minutes, and then let the oil sit on your face for 30 more seconds or more.
  3. Rinse. By now, you should have very hot water coming out of your faucet. Adjust the heat until it’s cool enough to apply to your skin, but warm enough to soften the oil (it’s probably going to be hotter than the water you usually rinse your face with). Dunk the washcloth under the hot/warm water until it’s completely soaked. Apply the washcloth to your face and hold it there for 10-15 seconds. Slowly begin to wipe off. Rinse your washcloth and repeat until you’ve wiped all the oil off your skin.

I do not believe in castor oil for cleansing or for almost anything except actively trying to pull cysts or other impurities deep from the skin. Castor oil is far too drying and should be used on rare occasions, never ever daily. You may want to purchase a small amount of castor oil to use once a month or so, but please do not use it more than that unless it is used on specific problem spots only.

What is Chaulmoogra oil?! This is the witch of the brew that is called Chally HA! Chaulmoogra is the only circle-linked oil chain known. Instead of looking like a tail, it looks like a pentagram. And what does that pentagram oil do? It specifically kills the type of staph that cause acne. This oil has been used all over India for perhaps thousands of years to treat leprosy (another thing it's good at killing) and you still see chaulmoogra trees outside of historic leprosy clinics. 

Karanja Seed Oil is very similar to neem and I was turned onto it's magic acne healing ability when I intuitively told my oldest daughter to stop everything for a day and just karanja seed oil on her acne ridden face to see what happened. In just one day her skin was healing. Redness almost completely gone, more than 7 white-heads going away... she has kept it as part of her routine for 8 months now and won't leave home without something that has karanja seed oil in it.

2 oz  glass dropper bottle

Great for dry scalp
Posted Mar 6th 2023 by Kelley

Knowing how rich and lovely this serum is, I purchased a bottle for my lover to use on his very dry scalp (he keep his hair very short). He loves it and it has been very effective, applying maybe a couple times a week after a shower or hair cut.

Fabulous Makeup Remover
Posted Dec 14th 2021 by Katie

Absolutely love! I have very sensitive, eczema prone, dry skin and this works great for me. I’ve ordered several times and will continue to order! Thank you for the amazing high quality products.

Chally Ha
Posted Jun 1st 2021 by Barbara

I love Chally Ha. As a 70+ year old woman with rosacea my face is very sensitive. Chally Ha cleans and softens my skin without irritation. The evening ritual is my favorite moment of the day.

Really Removes Makeup!
Posted Mar 8th 2021 by Stef

This is a lovely concoction of oils that dissolves sunscreen, waterproof eye makeup, and debris from the day! The texture is rich and feels nourishing on dry patches. I go in with a second cleanser to remove the oil, but a washcloth would work, too. Highly recommend!

Chally Ha oil cleanser. Love it!
Posted Jan 24th 2021 by Karen Felber

I wish I had know about this product years ago. It takes eye makeup off easily and leaves my skin feeling and look amazing. I love the smell and the results are almost immediate.

What took me so long?!
Posted Mar 5th 2020 by Caitlin M.

First use this evening w/the rose and lemon balm blend and the little reusable bamboo pads.. and my face feels 50% smoother already! This is definitely becoming part of my regular routine. Worth every penny and absolutely motivation to make self care a priority as a busy mama!

Chally Ha
Posted Mar 2nd 2020 by Alison

LOVE Chally Ha!! Courtney's cleansing oils are amazing. I honestly use them (Chally Ha, Custom, Enlighten) every single day. I could never go back to big box store moisturizers. I love how soft my face is. And I feel so good about what I'm putting on. It's truly nutrition for your skin.

Chally Ha! Make-up remover.
Posted Feb 9th 2020 by Chally Ha!

I use this amazing and delightful smelling cleanser to remover my eye and face make-up. Gentle and moisturizing, yet gets the job done. Multi-use product!

Nourish your face!
Posted Nov 7th 2019 by Celena Hebert

This is SUCH an excellent product. I love the natural, complex, herby smell and how it feels as if I am giving my skin a luxurious, nourishing spa treatment right at home. Massaging this in and then using my facial steamer is such a lovely 5-10 minutes of peaceful, calming self-care, after which my skin feels bouncy, silky, and super hydrated with zero heaviness or tightness. I have oily skin and oil cleansing is my favorite!

Posted Apr 28th 2019 by Sarah

I've had super oily skin all my life, like my face looks straight up wet when I wake up and I have to wipe the grease off my face at least twice during the day. And yet it also felt dry and scaly, and would drink up mosturizer after I washed my face. Nothing seemed to help, so I thought I would try this on a whim. I can't believe it made such a difference after just one use! Now I've been using it for a few weeks, and I can't believe how much my skin is changed! It's soft, no more dry scales, and my oil is maybe juuuuust above an average person. I'm so sold I went ahead and bought another bottle and the Shu moisturizer, which I'm anxiously awaiting to arrive. Thank you for making amazing products!

One of my top 3 must have products!
Posted Feb 28th 2018 by Sara Worsham

This melts all makeup and dirt off of my face and out of my pores. It smells amazing and doesn't dry my skin out. This is the first oil cleanser that I ever tried and will be my last because it is perfection. I can not live without this in my life! I bought this for several people for Christmas this year because it is a product that I truly believe is one of the greatest out there and I want to share it with those that I love! Not only that, but the price is amazing- just look at the ingredients!! This is full strength, all natural stuff, y'all! I'm in LOVE!

Works wonders!
Posted Feb 18th 2018 by Andrea

LOVE! I use this as an eye makeup remover and occasionally all over to add more moisture to my winter skin. The skin around my eyes used to be SO red and irritated, flaky, and dry... until I started using Chally Ha to get my makeup off. It goes a long way and will last a while too. You must try this if you have sensitive skin!

Versatile makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer
Posted Jul 25th 2015 by undefined

I've been using this every day for about a month now, and I'm so in love with the results! My skin has become clearer, softer, and firmer. Depending on how my skin is feeling each day, I use the oil blend by itself or mix with a little Eff Off or Melee to make a scrub. The skin on my face showed such improvement that I've started oil cleansing my whole body. No soap has touched my skin in a month and it feels and looks healthier than ever before!

Natural amazing makeup remover
Posted Jul 8th 2015 by -B

This replaced my makeup remover. I actually feel good about removing my makeup because I know I'm not damaging my skin along the way, I'm actually helping it stay nice and youthful! I had never tried oil cleansing before, but my skin is loving it! I do once a week. It is so silky feeling, who could not love!

Works Great
Posted Jul 8th 2015 by Stef Hare

I don't wear much make-up but I do love eyeliner and mascara, which for me means either waking up with raccoon eyes, scrubbing way to hard with a rag, or buying remover which probably does a bunch of negative things and I really don't want to put that close to my eyes. The Chally-HA gets it off so easy though! Put some warm water on my face then rub some Chally-HA in with my fingers and wipe gently with a rag and off it comes. No scrubbing! I know it does a bunch of other awesome things for my skin, which is great, but the makeup removing sold it for me. I should start mixing it with my EffOff Facewash, if I can ever remember, more good stuff for my skin in just 1 step.

Lovely, silky, resiliant skin
Posted Mar 13th 2015 by Hawk

I first want to acknowledge how nice it is to do an all-natural oil cleansing regime and NOT smell like patchouli! Thanks so much for that. I mix this Chally HA! with my White Willow Eff Off face wash when I am in the shower, and when I get out, my face feels firm and clean and smells divine! On days when I cannot do the whole routine, I sit in the bathroom with my kids while they are in the bath, and get a light gentle steam going, then I massage my fae with this oil, and wipe it off with a soft bamboo cloth. It's not a perfect system, but it works!

The top of the oil cleansing game
Posted Feb 20th 2015 by Hawk

I have been doing oil cleansing for almost two years now, and this blend is my absolute favorite. I know that the ingredients are chosen with care based on their scientifically proven abilities to care for skin, tame wrinkles, fight infections. All of these qualities, and my skin is not left feeling greasy, coated, dry, or otherwise abused or neglected.

The only cure for my cysts!
Posted Jan 20th 2015 by Deena

This oil cleanser has been the only cure for my perpetually acne-prone skin. It's helped with the dreaded dry/oily cycle--when your skin is oily, so you're afraid to moisturize, and your skin keeps producing oil to compensate? Yeah, that cycle. This oil cleanse has alleviated that issue for me and has eased my cystic acne after a decade of being hopeless.44

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