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Make-up remover and facial cleanser in one. This is not a cheap wipe or plain coconut oil, it's true. But where do you most use make-up remover? Around your eyes. Where are your wrinkles going to start forming first? You may feel invincible right now, but I will tell you that when you hit 35, you are going to regret half the things you did to your face and wish you could take better care of it.

This oil cleanser is especially acne-fighting because it contains Chaulmoogra Oil from India. Once used to treat leprosy, chaulmoogra oil targets acne bacteria and slays it!

Oil cleansing is a wonderful option for all skin and should be done at least once a week by everyone no matter what other face-washes you are using. Chally HA! works as your daily make-up remover and your weekly oily cleanse (or daily oil cleanse!). It is also wonderful to put a few drops in your Melee or Georgia Sweet when you wash each day and make an oil scrub for your face. 


We are now offering BULK PRICING on this product with an 8 oz bottle that you can refill your 1 or 2 oz bottles with. It's a much better price per ounce, better for the environment  to have less packaging, and you save on shipping by ordering larger quantities at a time.


Ingredients: Chaulmoogra Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Karanja Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Bulgarian Rose, Melissa Leaf (Lemon Balm)

How to oil cleanse? Here is a great article by Crunchy Betty that I agree with (mostly)

Oil Cleansing in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Prepare. Either mix your oils together ahead of time, or have the bottles ready. Set a clean washcloth beside the sink. Turn the hot water on to warm up.
  2. Cleanse. Starting with a dirty face (no need to pre-clean here, even if you’re wearing makeup), rinse your face lightly with the warm, running water. Pour the oil in the palm of your hand and then apply gently all over your face. Massage firmly, but gently, always moving upwards. Massage for 2 minutes, and then let the oil sit on your face for 30 more seconds or more.
  3. Rinse. By now, you should have very hot water coming out of your faucet. Adjust the heat until it’s cool enough to apply to your skin, but warm enough to soften the oil (it’s probably going to be hotter than the water you usually rinse your face with). Dunk the washcloth under the hot/warm water until it’s completely soaked. Apply the washcloth to your face and hold it there for 10-15 seconds. Slowly begin to wipe off. Rinse your washcloth and repeat until you’ve wiped all the oil off your skin.

I do not believe in castor oil for cleansing or for almost anything except actively trying to pull cysts or other impurities deep from the skin. Castor oil is far too drying and should be used on rare occasions, never ever daily. You may want to purchase a small amount of castor oil to use once a month or so, but please do not use it more than that unless it is used on specific problem spots only.

What is Chaulmoogra oil?! This is the witch of the brew that is called Chally HA! Chaulmoogra is the only circle-linked oil chain known. Instead of looking like a tail, it looks like a pentagram. And what does that pentagram oil do? It specifically kills the stype of staph that cause acne. This oil has been used all over India for perhaps thousands of years to treat leprosy (another thing it's good at killing) and you still see chaulmoogra trees outside of historic leprosy clinics. 

Karanja Seed Oil is very similar to neem and I was turned onto it's magic acne healing ability when I intuitively told my oldest daughter to stop everything for a day and just karanja seed oil on her acne ridden face to see what happened. In just one day her skin was healing. Redness almost completely gone, more than 7 white-heads going away... she has kept it as part of her routine for 8 months now and won't leave home without something that has karanja seed oil in it.

2 oz  glass dropper bottle

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    An Other Worldly Experience

    Posted by Juliana Z on Feb 15th 2024

    I do not need to use this oil cleanser often, but when I do…what a treat. I use it about once weekly or anytime after I’ve worn makeup because there is really no gentler way to remove it. I find that I don’t really need to moisturize much or at all [with my Stiletto] after using this product. I especially love to pamper my face with Chally Ha after I get home from long, cold days up on the mountain skiing. I sort of “steam” my face with a hot washcloth and then massage into my face for a bit. Then just a gentle rinse with cooler, less hot water. I cannot wait to try the Frankincense & Sage batch!

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    Brazen Bee + Skin Cycling= HEALING!

    Posted by Melina on Jan 4th 2023

    My skin type: sensitive & hormonal cystic acne. What helped to heal my skin: Brazen Bee Products + Skin Cycling. Even using EXCLUSIVELY Brazen Bee for 5+ years now, I found that doing too much for/with my skin at once was overload for my skin, so I pulled back to only necessary products combined with skin cycling and found MASSIVELY positive results. I will use this as my cleanser on skin cylce days 2,3,4, and also use stiletto + chally ha as moisturizer on recovery skin cycling days to do "slugging" especially during Colorado dry winter when my skin needs extra moisturizer, or based on where I am in my monthly cycle/what my skin is telling me it needs. Courtney has been telling us about "slugging" LONG before it had the term. Slugging=putting on "too much moisturizer" Skin Cycling: Day 1-Exfoliate Day 2- Retinoid Product Day 3-Recovery MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE Day 4- Recovery MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE

  • 5
    Chally HA!

    Posted by Jannine Scott on Jan 3rd 2023

    I have been using the Chally Ha! for the past 3 years, and i swear, it is the best. I have temperamental skin, and it is gentle, thorough and leaves my skin feeling soft, after using to remove makeup.

  • 5
    Chally Ha oil cleansing

    Posted by Lesli on Mar 30th 2021

    I had been wanting to try Brazen Bee products because of their reputation for being natural and locally made. I bought the Enlighten full size set and use its moisturizer and toner with this oil at night. I LOVE it! Bonus that i can rub the products into my hands when I’m done and now I never get dry cracked hands like I used to. Can’t wait to continue to try more products...the hard part is picking what will be next!

  • 5
    Very impressed!

    Posted by Becky Dougherty on Nov 20th 2020

    I had never used an oil cleanser. I have sensitive skin and had been using vegan European style products hoping that would help. I still would get clogged pores and dry patches. I admit they worked on the anti-aging aspects, but I had lots of different issues going on at once. My friend recommended I try this. Along with Second Skin and the moisturizer samples, this oil cleansing routine has really helped get rid of a lot of white and blackheads. It has only been a week, but I am very excited to see the long term effects!

  • 5
    Must have on hand!!

    Posted by Meredith Marie Moore on Jul 18th 2020

    I bought this to remove my mascara I rarely wear. It works great! Then out the blue I started getting eczema on my face. It was so itchy too. And very irritable. I started using this magical oil and my face is so soft and there is not anything on it that shouldn't be!!! Thanks Brazen Bee for once again making my skin grateful for your dedication and hard work

  • 5
    Miracle Product!?

    Posted by Caitlin on Mar 5th 2020

    Accidentally left a review on the regular Chally Ha blend but it was the rose and lemon one I meant to leave a comment for. I think I just prefer this scent but I know they’re both quality products so, get you some! :)

  • 5
    Just what I was looking for

    Posted by Kiley on Dec 20th 2019

    I have the worst dry skin so oil cleansing is a great move for me. This is moisturizing without causing breakouts and remove makeup easily.

  • 5
    Soft, balanced and clear skin!

    Posted by Dawn Kurtze on Apr 17th 2019

    I started my journey to Brazen Bee Beauty with Stiletto moisturizer and experienced a transformation in my skin over a few short days. I had never tried oil cleansing but noticed it was recommended by Brazen Bee for use at least once per week because it’s so good for your skin. After the amazing results I saw with Stiletto, I gave it a try. I would describe my skin as oily in the t-zone and really dry on my cheeks. I’m also acne prone if things aren’t balanced out on my face. Cleansing with Chally HA left my skin softer than its ever been. My skin was clean, soft and balanced. The glow was outstanding. At that moment I knew oil cleansing was for me. It is now part of my daily routine. I generally cleans with Melee in the morning and Chally HA at night. It takes off makeup in seconds and cares for my skin like no other. Chally HA has also balanced out my skin tone, I’m hooked! The new scent with Rose and Lemon Balm is fantastic! It’s not overpowering or annoying. It’s inviting and soothing. Don’t be afraid to try oil cleansing, I promise you’ll be glad you did!

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