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The Everything Stick has evolved into a "first aid stick" due to its many various properties.  It's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothes itching, bug bites and stings as well as burns. 

It's also anti-fungal and anti-microbial, it works as

  • sunscreen (face safe and child-safe)
  • diaper cream (totally cloth diaper safe)
  • antiperspirant/deodorant 
  • anti-chub rub
  • anti-itch
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-yeast
  • eczema relief
  • big bites and stings
  • burns

 Zinc Oxide (non-nano) is effective at soothing the skin and also creates a protective but breathable membrane on the skin that helps promote moisture and healing.  Zinc Oxide is also the most reliable form of sunscreen, it is antibacterial and provides natural antiperspirant properties.

Ucuuba Butter comes from a tree in South America that is closely related to nutmeg. It is also effective at soothing the skin with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties often used to treat eczema and acne. {This is one of the star ingredients in our SHU Healing Moisturizer.}

Coconut Oil is anti-fungal/anti-microbial and has proven to be effective at treating and curing both topical and internal yeast infections, neither of which is limited to babies or diapers -- many adults suffer from these ailments as well.

Tangerine Essential Oil is also anti-bacterial and has shown to inhibit the growth of MRSA.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Ucuuba Butter, Beeswax, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Tangerine Essential Oil.


  • Full Size Glass Jar: (2 oz) - we are happy to get the E Stick out of deodorant style containers because we all know that while it IS the best deodorant, it is also the best sunscreen, rash treatment, chub rub prevention, and runners use it under their breasts for the chaffing. This packaging change speaks not only to the product inside, but to our commitment to Nature and the Environment.
  • E-Stick Mini Try-Size Tin (1/2 oz)


Everything Stick
Posted May 6th 2023 by Laurine

I absolutely love this stuff. It is amazing — a miracle with rashes and irritation and just an all around great product. I recommend it highly — just ordered some more for my daughter.

Go to moisturizer
Posted Mar 13th 2023 by Perrin

Not only can this act as deodorant but it’s a 2-1 combo for sunscreen! What a time saver. Add this to your regimen.

It's not my go-to but definitely great!
Posted May 2nd 2022 by Ashley

I typically use the Shu moisturizer. But with summer coming, I wanted to add sun protection to the list of qualities in my daily routine. It's a heavier than what my skin is used to, so it has caused some breakouts as we adjust, but it's still the same quality and efficacy I expect from my Brazen Bee products! A little goes a long way, my skin never feels dry OR overly oily, and it has help keep sunburns at bay (even without additional sunscreen application).

Posted May 8th 2021 by Dove

This has become my go-to for sweat rashes, any rashes, red spots, dry spots, chaffing protection, and back up sunscreen. Another product I'm so so happy you make!

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