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The Draw | SKIN CARE

Roll-on glass bottle

THE DRAW was developed for its deep, penetrating antibacterial properties and its ability to draw cysts and infection to the surface.  

It's the perfect thing to have on-hand for cuts, scrapes, bug bites or stings. 

Clients also use it for cystic or deep acne or other lumpy things that have been under the surface for years. It truly gets old things like this to surface or go away- most people find that their cystic acne goes away, and old cysts or injuries tend to surface when using The Draw.

The story of The Draw is that I had a friend who had gotten stung by a wasp a few days earlier and we were at another herb/oil shop and I watched them make her a vial of oil with 2 drops of chamomile and 2 drops of something else (I cant remember) in olive oil for this massive lump in her leg that had red streaks beginning out of it. This was a serious situation and I was horrified that they were recommending she only needed some soothing oil and not some powerful anti-bacterial action. 

I told her after we left that that was not ok and I went home right away and created The Draw. I brought it to her house and had her use it twice that night and once the next morning. The streaking went away and it healed within a week. 


Hazelnut and Castor Oil lend efficacy in their ability to permeate, but because the essential oils are so concentrated in this product (30%), we advise you to use it in small amounts and sparingly.

For particularly deep or possibly infected areas, apply The Draw and then place a hot to warm washcloth that has been soaked in mild salt-water. Let the washcloth sit over it for 15-30 minutes. This is helpful to get old cysts to start moving and for the body to start working on them again. 

Ingredients: Hazelnut Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Neem Oil  Essential Oils: Tangerine, Tea Tree, Sage, Lemongrass, Patchouli

Packaged in a 1 OZ glass cobalt dropper bottle or a .35 oz Roll-On Bottle for travel

The Draw
Posted Aug 19th 2021 by Linda Krueger

Once again, amazed by a Brazen Bee product! We have 2 seasons in Wisconsin: Frozen tundra and Mosquito fest. All of the reviews on the Draw were claiming this was a miracle product for bug bites… and they were right! Our family of 6 has put this to good use this summer. Even my 3 year old asks for it on her “skito bites”. Thanks again, BBB, here is another product I can never go without. Love!

So good!!
Posted Jan 4th 2021 by Minna

I had what felt like a really intense ingrown hair or pore on my thigh between my legs. It just appeared one day and within 24 hours it was really irritating to walk. I put the draw on it and I saw improvement within another 24 hours and not even a week later (using it 2-3 times a day) it is almost GONE, including the feeling of something hard under the surface of the skin. I used it on a similar issue a while back and it also helped speed things up, though never this fast! Not sure what changed, but just glad I keep it around now and take it with me on any trip, just in case.

The bomb
Posted Apr 17th 2020 by Tabitha

The Draw is incredible! My husband and I both tried it for the first time recently and we were both blown away at the results! It quickly pulls oils and bacteria to the surface and blemishes heal much quicker. Definitely an item to always keep on hand!

The Draw
Posted Mar 7th 2020 by Jade

This stuff is absolutely amazing! Every bug bite, splinter, scrape, and pimple that our household has...we use The Draw. We usually put it on in the evening and by morning time all the yuckiness has drawn up. I really enjoy this product. Plus, the scent is amazing!

Miracle Worker
Posted Oct 22nd 2019 by Deena

Listen. I get cysts. Real, real bad ones in real, real bad places. I also get ingrown hairs -- definitely not a good time. I was *dying* with cysts after quitting birth control (which I started due to Polycystic Ovaries). Painful, murderous, oozing, deep cysts. Nasty. The Draw with a combo of customized Georgia Sweet *saved* *my* *life*. I have tried everything under the sun for these cysts. Trust me. I use a diluted version with a custom oil blend as I'm in recovery from the great cyst attack of 2019. If you have cysts, ingrowns, or random hurty-bumps, you need The Draw in your life.

You NEED this in your life.
Posted Nov 19th 2018 by AnnKatherine

Okay, if you’re like me, you suffer from frequent ingrown hairs. I mean constant. Even if you haven’t shaved that spot in months so you wouldn’t GET an ingrown hair, suddenly: ingrown hair. I also suffer from clogged sweat glands that get wedged in painful spots like in my leg creases and on my thighs. It ain’t pretty. This stuff is MAGIC. You will see an improvement in a day and serious results in 2-3. A boil on my thigh that would have taken a week or more to heal with prescription antibiotics was gone in TWO DAYS using “the draw.” Two insanely big ingrown hairs are being treated now with it and are almost gone, it’s been 2-3 days. I regret not buying this when I first started using BB’s products over a year ago. You need this!

Causes skin to transform over night!
Posted Oct 16th 2017 by Sara

How have I lived with out this in my life? This heals acne bumps, ingrown hairs, cysts and any other painful skin issue over night. Another magical product that is hands down better that anything I've ever tried to heal existing blemishes and deep, under the skin issues. Highly recommend for any skin problems. This product is strong- the healing powers are fast and it smells amazing, too!

Magic in a bottle!
Posted Oct 9th 2017 by Taty

This works wonders on cuts, acne, rashes, and it does not disapoint. My experience is that I use it before bed, and in the morning the skin rash or acne is almost gone.

draw for all
Posted Jan 3rd 2016 by Alicia Bennett

This is another go to for all kinds of amazing things- a deep moisturizer, on cuts and scars, acne, ingrown hairs, rashes, anything. using it on a sore I have in the corner of my mouth right now! another amazing, life improving, grace giving product. My 8 yr old knows Courtney as, 'your good witch friend who lives in Colorado and makes good magic in her kitchen'!! Everytime she has an oww or an ache, I whip out one of Courtney's amazing magical elixers, and it always works.

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The Draw is for Cysts and infections and is also perfect anti-bacterial stick to carry for children's ouchies on the go. Ingredients: Hazelnut Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Neem Oil  Essential Oils: Tangerine, Tea Tree, Sage, Lemongrass, Patchouli
Natural Cyst Pulling Agent: also for deep infections, and simple cuts and scrapes, and insect stings.
Natural Cyst Pulling Agent: also for deep infections, and simple cuts and scrapes, and insect stings. Carry size! Moms need one in their purse, campers need one in their bag, hikers need one in their pocket.