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Deep Down Muscle Rub | BODY CARE


One of our top-sellers in the store! People on vacation of purchase it and stop right back by the store before they head back home to make sure they get another bottle to take with them.

This is Aspercream meets Tiger Balm meets modern herbalism.

Feedback on this is heartwarming and magical. 80 year old grandmas say they can move their RA (rheumatoid arthritis) riddled hands again, big burly biker dudes come to buy it (I love that we're becoming a popular spot for them to stop and get their muscle rub!), and post operative people have claimed higher joint mobility and lessening of pain after using it. 

I'm not saying is *actual* magic, but I will say that I worked for a long time on this formula because I wasn't about to just make another cream that cools muscles down with menthol and gives the illusion that you're feeling less pain. I really wanted to make something to help the muscles relax and the body to heal.

The mineral content from high grade Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt give the muscles the magnesium they NEED in order to let go. The White Willow Bark and Nutmeg Butter have important compounds that are anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. The careful blend of essential oils I put together are pain relieving and deeply relaxing.

DEEP DOWN MUSCLE RUB was developed as a truly natural alternative to the drug store variety of muscle creams.  

Ingredients: Twin Springs Water, Witch Hazel , Nutmeg Butter, Tamanu Oil, Shea Butter, Ultra Strength Therapeutic Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Minerals, White Willow Bark.  Essential Oils: Pure Menthol, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Ginger, German Chamomile, Nutmeg, Spearmint, Clove.

Available Sizes: 1.5 bottle with pump top

Sunburn relief
Posted May 6th 2023 by Jana

This amazing potion has saved me from a nasty sunburn I got today. I have very sensitive and pale skin that is sensitive to the sun. I got burnt today and was in search of some relief. Courtney recommended this for me to use and I feel so much better. Burning and itching is gone with the cooling effect and the red stopped spreading and getting darker! If you have a sunburn this is the stuff to use!! 10/10 would recommend and will make sure to keep this on hand!

Need better sleep? Try this!
Posted Feb 21st 2022 by Sharon M

I'm in the gym 5 days/week, so naturally, I was drawn to Deep Down Muscle Rub to help with sore muscles. What I didn't expect was for it to also serve as a (topical) sleep aid for this menopausal woman who hadn't had a good night's sleep in FOREVER. What a pleasant and most-welcome surprise!

Posted Nov 23rd 2021 by ABenson

I first purchased this product to get a friend with his sore muscles. You get a little older and it takes some kind of miracle to loosen those muscles. This worked so well for him I tried it out. Laaaaaa it feels so good. Thank you Courtney! ❤️

Deep Down Muscle Rub
Posted Sep 22nd 2021 by ABenson

I found out about this product from my daughter and daughter-in-law and started using it to help a friend with his sore muscles. I rub it in lightly and let it set and then rub it in again and the difference in the tightness in his muscles is amazing. I can feel it as I am rubbing them out and he says the feeling of relief he gets from the product is amazing. He has never been a believer in oils and rubs until I started with this product. Now I use several of the essential oils to help with relief of sore muscles, help him rest and relax and a mixture of citrus oils with the carrier oil brings him profound relief in sore tendons muscles in his feet. Thank you Brazen Bee for these healing products.

Deep down muscle rub
Posted Sep 6th 2019 by JOAN CHAMBERLAIN

Deep Down Muscle Rub is MAGIC!!! I have arthritis and this is the ONLY thing I have ever used that gave me almost immediate relief. It smells great without that methol smell that other products use. It also absorbs quickly and you don't have to worry about any residual oil to stain clothes. My son, who is athelitic, uses it when he has pushed his muscles too far and loves it. Thank you!

Elixer of Wonder
Posted Oct 6th 2018 by Lorena Bathey

I found this when visiting my sister. I tried a little and we went to lunch, my muscles felt so good I went back and bought this and more of Courtney's amazeball products. Now this is a daily-two-times-a-day staple. It really works even more than cannabis balm. It is a wonder and I adore it.

Instant relief
Posted Mar 2nd 2018 by Megan E Blanton

I often have tense middle to upper back and neck muscles. This lotion not only smells heavenly, it works amazing! My muscles feel so relaxed very quickly after and stay like that for a very long time after. Helps me relax enough to calm down and de-stress. I love it and recommend to everyone.

Deep Down Muscle Rub
Posted Jun 17th 2017 by Grasiela

I purchased this for my dad. He has Rheumatoid Arthritis. He works extremely long hours and is in pain. He said "mucho bueno" when I asked how it was helping. In other words, it works and it's helping a lot. He will not use something a second time if it doesn't work the first.

2nd review - because it's awesome!
Posted Apr 24th 2017 by Patti S.

I really liked it when I first started using it... now I love it! I use it on my stressed shoulders and calves, my tennis elbow and lame knee whenever they are giving me a hard time. I use it at night to get an peaceful nights rest. I have one bottle next to my bed and one at the office if I should need it during the work day.

So far. So good.
Posted May 23rd 2016 by Patti S.

I've been using this product for just about a week. So far I really like it. I've been using it before bedtime to relax shoulder and calf muscles in addition to spraying my chest with my Patch of Lavender body spray. So relaxing! Not only falling asleep fast but staying asleep. So important for good nights rests.

Deep Down WORKS!
Posted Apr 2nd 2016 by joe b

Deep down muscle rub works and works great! I have been suffering from tennis elbow for months. I do not like to use over the counter chemical laden products whenever I can avoid them so I tried many different oils and tonics until this wonderful product was gifted to me. Wow. It's really a great muscle rub. It works. The pain from my tennis elbow is alleviated each time and I'm very happy TJ recommend this product. Smells great too!

Deep down muscle rub is so beneficial and helpful to sore and aching muscles
Posted Mar 7th 2016 by Edie

This product is so beneficial and brings deep relief to sore and aching muscles. This morning I woke up to such a sore back due to the weather change with rain high in the forecast. A perfect day to try Courtney's new muscle rub. It smells great I put some on my back and loved it right away. It wasn't long until I could feel it's action in soothing my back muscles. Thanks Courtney.

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Deep Down Muscle Rub | BODY CARE
Deep Down Muscle Rub | BODY CARE