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Kiss My Coconuts | BODY SCRUB


Brazen Bee's scrubs are not your run of the mill scrubs. We don't believe in rubbing rocks on your tender skin, so all salts for our scrubs are in powder form. This allows you to use far less scrub as it goes a lot further. It also makes for a product safe for tender skin.

Our base formula is grapeseed oil and shea butter. From there, you can add your own oils and butters for a completely customized product.

The size of this puppy is nothing to shy away from, either. The powdered salt allows an extra 30% of scrub (by weight) to fit in the jar. 

I also include Himalayan pink salt and powdered sucanat so you are delivering beneficial fatty acids (stearic acid in shea butter is one of the best cleansers available and is added to many soap products to remove impurities from the skin), minerals for skin health, and alpha-hydroxy acid.

Ingredients: Powdered Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter (unrefined and refined), Grapeseed Oil, Refined Cocoa Butter, Himalayan salt, Organic Sucanat, Pure Tangerine Essential Oil, Vanilla 10x concentrate

My favorite scrub so far!!
Posted Nov 30th 2019 by Kerrie Herrera

I received the 8 oz scrub yesterday and had the best shower in forever today. The texture is so luxurious and a little bit goes a long way! The scent is an amazing mix of tangerine and vanilla with the coconut oil moisturizing my skin for hours after my shower. The scent stayed as a delicate addition to my day and I honestly felt like I had used essential oils for relaxation. I love this body scrub!!!

Huge Container!
Posted Jul 8th 2015 by Stef Hare

I guess I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I ordered this, but it came in (what I think was) a fairly large container. It smelled wonderful. I used it this morning and noticed after the shower that I could still feel the oils, not in a way that was so slick I couldn't touch anything, but just that my skin felt soft and very moisturized. I rubbed my arm at work a little while ago (so hours after that shower) and my skin still felt good. Apparently this stuff really stays with you and I love knowing that I'm not just rinsing all the good stuff down the drain, my skin seems to be benefiting all day.

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Kiss My Coconuts | BODY SCRUB
Kiss My Coconuts | BODY SCRUB
Kiss My Coconuts | BODY SCRUB
Kiss My Coconuts | BODY SCRUB