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Diamond Dust is an important get-away for your mouth. Wondering why your gums are receding? It is likely because of your toothpaste. Check out this article and hop back over here to get some tooth scrub that will do wonders.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, himalayan salt, Baking Soda, Xylitol (this is a sugar from the birch tree that sloughs off bacteria in the ear-nose-throat region), Organic Powdered Lemongrass Herb, Organic Powdered Horsetail Herb, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil


Posted Sep 21st 2021 by Autumn

SEE previous review!! I had to update. That review, I had used for 1 year. Here is my update: I am embarrassed to admit I went 2 1/2 years without seeing my dentist! WELL--my dentist said just an hour ago today, "I am amazed. We were watching a few teeth, and typically there would be holes after 2 1/2 years, but your teeth have improved! What are you doing for your teeth??" ??!! I said, "Well, I use Brazen Bee (a little Colorado company) tooth powder." Enough said!! (Except, I should add that I also told her that I oil pull with coconut oil occasionally. Not regularly. The Diamond Dust is a two or three time a day thing).

Diamond Dust Tooth Powder
Posted Apr 20th 2021 by Janet

Have tried lots of different natural toothpaste and powders. Love Diamond Dust Tooth Powder. Teeth feel clean and it seems my gums are healthier. Looking forward to my next dental check up to see if there is improvement.

Good stuff!
Posted Apr 18th 2021 by Cami

So I just had to come tell about my recent trip to the dentist. I had ordered this awhile back and got away from using it. When I go to the dentist I never have cavities, but I will have more bleeding than they like or have areas pointed out that I need to focus on, etc. So I started using my diamond dust regularly for a few months and just recently had my 6 month checkup and cleaning. I did not bleed at all at this appointment which I normally do. And my hygienist said “wow! Your at home care is amazing. Your teeth are perfect. I’m going to be done in a couple minutes bc you have no plague or build up.” Then again mentioned how great of a job I was doing. So then my dentist comes in to look over my teeth. He looks and goes to walk away. I say “how do my teeth look?” He says “they look great. Well, no not great, they look perfect.” This stuff is legit. It makes my mouth & teeth feel sooo clean. It’s super healing It might seem expensive but it’s not, it last a really long time. Way way longer than the many tubes of natural toothpaste you would have to buy. Plus it’s actually natural and the only toothpaste I can find that doesn’t contain glycerin. I just recently bought my mom and myself a bottle and wanted to come share a review. My mom is looking forward to going for her cleaning to hear what they say to her. ☺️

Diamond dust Toothe power
Posted Feb 2nd 2021 by Gail

I have only used it a couple of weeks. I mixed it with red mill baking soda to stretch it a bit. Put it in a different container to make it more user friendly. Going to the dentist next week. Can not see that much change really. But then perhaps not using it long enough. Pretty pricey. I usually make my own with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and Red Mill ( pure baking soda with no metals) One drop peroxide and dip my tooth brush in the baking soda. Evidently it is very hard to get the food grade peroxide a t this moment. I tried.

Diamond Dust Tooth Powder
Posted Jun 15th 2020 by autumn

I have been using diamond dust for over a month now. I was skeptical, but wanted to give it a try since I have been dissatisfied with my natural toothpaste lately. And I love it!! The stains just at my gum line are gone. Plus, something about it just feels great. :-) Must be the healthy ingredients.

Tooth Dust
Posted Feb 9th 2020 by Dana

Amazing toothpaste alternative! My hygienist asked what I was using on my teeth as my receding gum, overall gum health have improved since my last visit, which I go twice a year. She was very interested in buying some for her and her family to use. It leave my teeth feeling "fur" free, if you will and my oral hygiene in general better. I floss and use mouthwash, but there are nights I get lazy and am too tired to do my entire routine. This tooth dust allows my mouth to feel refreshed, clean, and I wake up with no mourning breath. TMI, but this is a must!!!! A little goes a long long way!

I'll never go back
Posted Feb 8th 2020 by Kiley Harmon

This is what I've been looking for for years! Chemical free, simple ingredients, and the cleanest my teeth have ever been. The switch was no problem, because the flavor is pretty good. I notice the mint the most with a hint of salt. I LOVE IT!

Good Alternative
Posted Aug 13th 2019 by Grace

Great alternative to toothpaste. I have used natural toothpaste for years and found the switch very easy. I was attracted to this product because the packaging is recyclable but found that my product began sticking and would not come out of the small opening. I have to break up the product inside with a small toothpick and then empty out large amounts at a time. But overall I have noticed my teeth becoming whiter and would recommend.

Posted Apr 26th 2019 by Cami

Let me tell you. I love this stuff! I’ve always used natural toothpaste for years and years. So I was excited to try this. It doesn’t have glycerin which like all toothpaste have, even most of the natural ones. So I bought one for my mom and one for me and we both love it. My mouth feels so dang clean afterwards. Teeth are so smooth. Breathe is fresh. It also feels healing on the gums. Mydental hygienist says that my mom or I have literally no plaque when she goes to clean our teeth. If you haven’t, make the switch! Your teeth will be happy you did!

Loving it
Posted Feb 13th 2019 by Lorena Bathey

As you age weird spots and stuff come out not only on your skin but on your teeth as well. I read the reviews and decided to try the Diamond Dust tooth scrub and I love it. My teeth are less sensitive and some of the dark places on my teeth are going away. Even better Iike not using a bunch of chemicals in my mouth.

Diamond Dust
Posted Nov 9th 2018 by Jaden-Thiago

Diamond Dust works so well for me! I tried it awhile back then recently bought some more. If I use it daily, my tooth sensitivity decreases dramatically. I love this stuff!!

Stains/White Spots Gone!
Posted Feb 27th 2018 by Caitlin Morissette

I purchased from my dentist at my last visit a fluoride past for my teeth intended to, over time, even the color of my teeth because I have a few small white spots (de-calcification I think, but I can't remember what they called it) that I am self-conscious about. I used the paste, but it was a pain in the @$$ and I would frequently just not feel like applying, waiting 3 minutes, etc. etc. It's called MI Paste Plus manufactured by Recaldent in case any of you are familiar. I also have some stains between my teeth because I drink too much coffee. Anyway! lol I have had Diamond Dust for awhile and just alternated between that and regular toothpaste and the MI Paste. But the last few days I used Diamond Dust exclusively and those white stains are hardly visible at all. The color of my teeth looks a lot more even-toned so it is helping with the coffee stains also. I would like to post images of the ingredients list on DD versus the MI Paste, but I'm hoping Courtney will do a video discussing this on her FB page soon! :)

Pearly Whites
Posted Feb 17th 2018 by Annie

I have always tried to use good, organic tooth paste, so I was very interested to learn about Diamond Dust. I love it! I have receding gum lines and Courtney explained why "normal" tooth past could be causing this. I look forward to seeing the changes that I am sure will follow from using this Dust for a while.

Tooth sensitivity GONE!
Posted Feb 12th 2018 by Rita

I have had sensitive teeth since I let the Navy mess with my mouth over a decade ago. I have tried all kinds of toothpastes and mouth washes from scripted to otc...now that I am using diamond dust, my teeth aren't sensitive anymore. I can drink cold water without wanting to throw my drink across the room now :) thanks Courtney for your time and effort you have put into making quality products! Oh and my teeth are nice and pearly white too!

Just what I needed!
Posted Oct 16th 2017 by Kim Pickens

I have been needing to deal with my heat & cold sensitivity for some time now. I tried the Diamond Dust and after only ONE use, my sensitivity was reduced! My teeth felt so clean and fresh it is hard to imagine not using this product forever to take care of mine and my family's teeth!

Dental Care Boost
Posted Jul 3rd 2017 by Jarred

When I first bought Diamond Dust I had an all natural toothpaste that I liked well enough - huge improvement in my teeth from quitting the store brands and lasted much longer. I decided to try out the scrub as a supplement to the toothpaste i was already using. The effects were outstanding, after 2 uses my teeth were noticeably whiter and stains I had assumed to be permanent were almost completely gone. I still use this in tandem with my toothpaste and couldn't be happier.

Freaking Amazing!
Posted Jul 3rd 2017 by Patricia

I struggled forever with store bought toothpaste. I've tried every brand known to man. I hated the taste & the foam. It all just made me gag and even through up all while trying to clean my mouth. I've wished for any years for this product. I will never use regular toothpaste again! My teeth have never felt so clean!

Posted Jun 13th 2017 by Grasiela

I am absolutely in LOVE with Diamond Dust. It has whitened my teeth and removed stains that would not come off before. I have tried many many whitening products with harsh chemicals and no results. This by far blew my mind with the results. I highly recommend this.

Posted Jun 20th 2016 by Morgan Kiesling

My husband has been having pain and sensitivity in his teeth for a while. After two days of using Diamond dust his pain and sensitivity are gone and his, I quote "teeth feel like teeth again." We are both so in love with this product and so thankful for Brazen Bee!

Forgot to add...
Posted Feb 14th 2016 by Hawk McFadzen

Also, my stubborn jawline acne has cleared up thanks to this. Who knew?!

Natural and effective
Posted Feb 12th 2016 by Hawk

In my neverending quest to purify and simplify my household, I finally made the switch to Diamond Dust for my tooth regimen. My teeth are sparkly and smooth. My gingivitis is gone and guess what? So are my earaches! The xylitol cleans out the whole region, and I don't worry about my ears anymore! BONUS: You can totally drink orange juice right afterwards!

Dentist approved!
Posted Jan 3rd 2016 by Alicia Bennett

My dentist is always complementing my teeth- all I do is brush with DD. I brought the product and ingredient list to my last appt. She heartily approved!

oh my diamond my teeth feel like a million bucks
Posted Oct 6th 2015 by lindsey

I have always had sensitive teeth and when I started using the diamond dust I noticed the sensitivity go away and my teeth feel cleaner and no more fuzzy mouth mornings. I'm a hairstylist and I had a wonderful Africans client who said "make me look like 2 million dollars" and that's what I thought of when I starting using the diamond dust. This is a 2 million dollar product that went beyond my expectations.

Great for EVERYONE
Posted Aug 14th 2015 by Crystal

There is nothing on this goddess given earth that cleans or whitens your teeth better than Diamond Dust. I use it on my 3 year old who had (notice the past-tense,) VERY sensitive teeth... but NOW she no longer complains about food "hurting my teeth!"

Teeth feel so clean
Posted Jul 8th 2015 by Denise

I have been looking for a powdered tooth cleaner and was happy to stumble upon Diamond Dust. Great flavor - so glad it's not peppermint. And my teeth feel really clean after I brush.

I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised!
Posted Jul 8th 2015 by Rebecca

Was a little skeptical first time I used it, as I'd only used paste and baking soda up until this. The taste was weird... yet refreshing, strangely. Your teeth feel VERY clean when using this.

Give it a try!
Posted Jul 6th 2015 by Deena

I was skeptical (and worried!) about a powdered tooth polisher, but I was really pleasantly surprised by Diamond Dust. My teeth feel more clean than with traditional toothpaste, and they're definitely nicely polished. I drink a lot of soda, to be honest, and this stuff is able to keep my teeth nice & shiny!

Sparkly Clean
Posted Mar 28th 2015 by Leeanna

Diamond Dust leaves my teeth feeling clean and fresh! After using it to brush for 2 weeks my teeth are whiter and not as sensitive as before. Yummy smell and taste!

Posted Jan 28th 2015 by undefined

After my last pregnancy I was left with a horrible aversion to toothpaste. These powders have me brushing twice a day and with pleasure. My teeth have never been cleaner.

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