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Diamond Dust is an important get-away for your mouth. Wondering why your gums are receding? It is likely because of your toothpaste. Check out this article and hop back over here to get some tooth scrub that will do wonders.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, himalayan salt, Baking Soda, Xylitol (this is a sugar from the birch tree that sloughs off bacteria in the ear-nose-throat region), Organic Powdered Lemongrass Herb, Organic Powdered Horsetail Herb, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil


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    Posted by MT on Feb 5th 2024

    listen. This stuff works. I’ve been using it exclusively for about 4+ years and my teeth have never been better. The dentists think I’m flossing (I’m not!!) and I have staved off a potential cavity. Also, I like the taste now (it takes a week or two to get used to potentially). Don’t hesitate!

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    The bestttt

    Posted by Sam on Dec 23rd 2022

    I have been using this stuff for at least 2 years now. It leaves my mouth feeling clean all day, is gentle, and gently whitens over time. Normal toothpaste feels disgusting to me now. I have also struggled with sensitive gums most of my life- even during the periods where I floss religiously, I still bleed- and do not get bloody gums from brushing like with regular toothpaste. I have also noticed because the dust is like little granules, it flosses a bit while you brush, which is fantastic for someone forgetful like me (oops)

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    Great stuff !!!

    Posted by Laurine on Dec 22nd 2022

    Love it. Teeth feel great and gums are healthier since switching. Teeth are whiter.

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    Posted by Autumn on Sep 21st 2021

    SEE previous review!! I had to update. That review, I had used for 1 year. Here is my update: I am embarrassed to admit I went 2 1/2 years without seeing my dentist! WELL--my dentist said just an hour ago today, "I am amazed. We were watching a few teeth, and typically there would be holes after 2 1/2 years, but your teeth have improved! What are you doing for your teeth??" ??!! I said, "Well, I use Brazen Bee (a little Colorado company) tooth powder." Enough said!! (Except, I should add that I also told her that I oil pull with coconut oil occasionally. Not regularly. The Diamond Dust is a two or three time a day thing).

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    Diamond Dust Tooth Powder

    Posted by Janet on Apr 20th 2021

    Have tried lots of different natural toothpaste and powders. Love Diamond Dust Tooth Powder. Teeth feel clean and it seems my gums are healthier. Looking forward to my next dental check up to see if there is improvement.

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    Good stuff!

    Posted by Cami on Apr 18th 2021

    So I just had to come tell about my recent trip to the dentist. I had ordered this awhile back and got away from using it. When I go to the dentist I never have cavities, but I will have more bleeding than they like or have areas pointed out that I need to focus on, etc. So I started using my diamond dust regularly for a few months and just recently had my 6 month checkup and cleaning. I did not bleed at all at this appointment which I normally do. And my hygienist said “wow! Your at home care is amazing. Your teeth are perfect. I’m going to be done in a couple minutes bc you have no plague or build up.” Then again mentioned how great of a job I was doing. So then my dentist comes in to look over my teeth. He looks and goes to walk away. I say “how do my teeth look?” He says “they look great. Well, no not great, they look perfect.” This stuff is legit. It makes my mouth & teeth feel sooo clean. It’s super healing It might seem expensive but it’s not, it last a really long time. Way way longer than the many tubes of natural toothpaste you would have to buy. Plus it’s actually natural and the only toothpaste I can find that doesn’t contain glycerin. I just recently bought my mom and myself a bottle and wanted to come share a review. My mom is looking forward to going for her cleaning to hear what they say to her. ☺️

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    Diamond dust Toothe power

    Posted by Gail on Feb 2nd 2021

    I have only used it a couple of weeks. I mixed it with red mill baking soda to stretch it a bit. Put it in a different container to make it more user friendly. Going to the dentist next week. Can not see that much change really. But then perhaps not using it long enough. Pretty pricey. I usually make my own with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and Red Mill ( pure baking soda with no metals) One drop peroxide and dip my tooth brush in the baking soda. Evidently it is very hard to get the food grade peroxide a t this moment. I tried.

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    Diamond Dust Tooth Powder

    Posted by autumn on Jun 15th 2020

    I have been using diamond dust for over a month now. I was skeptical, but wanted to give it a try since I have been dissatisfied with my natural toothpaste lately. And I love it!! The stains just at my gum line are gone. Plus, something about it just feels great. :-) Must be the healthy ingredients.

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    Tooth Dust

    Posted by Dana on Feb 9th 2020

    Amazing toothpaste alternative! My hygienist asked what I was using on my teeth as my receding gum, overall gum health have improved since my last visit, which I go twice a year. She was very interested in buying some for her and her family to use. It leave my teeth feeling "fur" free, if you will and my oral hygiene in general better. I floss and use mouthwash, but there are nights I get lazy and am too tired to do my entire routine. This tooth dust allows my mouth to feel refreshed, clean, and I wake up with no mourning breath. TMI, but this is a must!!!! A little goes a long long way!

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