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Tooth ails? Here's the facts, ma'am.

We stopped using toothpaste around here ages ago after some extensive research on why toothpaste is bad for our teeth.

The primary issue with toothpaste is glycerin. This is what makes it tastes ok and it’s biggest downfall. The glycerin puts a coating on the teeth that does not allow the gums to reconnect to the teeth if they happen to be receding for any reason, or will cause receding eventually as you are slowly adding more and more barrier between your gums and teeth. The coating makes your teeth look shiny right after brushing, but is the bain of tooth care in the long run. It also stops the body from re-calcifying and re-enamilizing the teeth, which they can do! The body *can* fix cavities on its own, if it has the right tools.

The silica in toothpaste is a harsh cleaner like sand and will rub away the very enamel that you want to armor your teeth.

Flouride is extremely toxic. I can’t even manage to write all of the negative effects of flouride here, but highly recommend you do some research on this.

Now, there are two routes, or both, to go down to alternatively brush your teeth.

Soap. And I mean pure plain olive oil soap. Kiss My Face is sold in most health food stores and you need a bar with no glycerine, no scent, just a bar of pure oil derived soap. It does not taste anywhere near as bad as you think it will. My partner uses this method and has seen marked improvements to her teeth and bad receding gums on the bottom.

Another option is tooth powder. I make mine and have been using it for a year. At the beginning, it was extremely painful in the places where my gums had receded and I made a lot of bad faces but bore through the pain and kept going. Now, absolutely no pain when I brush (and even toothpaste had been hurting to brush with every day). The pain stopped and the brown places were gone in one month. My gums are almost completely back up my teeth.

My tooth powder is ground down into a very fine powder so it is not abrasive, but cleansing. The ingredients are Sea Salt, Himilayan Salt, Baking Soda, Xylitol (this is a sugar from the birch tree that sloughs off bacteria in the ear-nose-throat region), Powdered Lemongrass Herb, Horsetail Herb, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil.

I had receding gums around my eyeteeth both on the top and bottom and these places were starting to turn brown and I didn’t want to smile a full smile anymore! My partner had exactly the same issue, but much worse on the bottom. Both of us have been trying things like peroxide and we both take supplements that include calcium. Nothing was helping. And we have always used natural toothpaste. Both of our teeth were worlds better after a month and I am not attached to which method you use. Buy my toothpowder or go get a cheap bar of soap and go for it.

My toothpowder does not taste great. It hurts your sensitive cavity-beginning spots for a week or so. The soap tastes only a little bad and leaves your breath smelling a little funny. You could also put a drop of peppermint essential oil on the bar before you rub your toothbrush on it to avoid this part.

All I ask is that you give the no-toothpaste a try for at least a month.