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Sun Damage

Welcome to . . .  DEEP HEALING

Let's dive right into what I put in this powerful jar and WHY...

Horse Chestnut Concentrate

Horse Chestnut Concentrate is perhaps the most powerful anti-aging component to this mask.

It actually has been shown to cause contractions in non-muscular cells, meaning it firms up the skin and diminishes wrinkles with daily use.

The sopanins in Horse Chestnut are anti-inflammatory and reduce capillary fragility.

The anti-oxidants in Horse Chestnut were the most free-radical-scavenging in 65 herbs tested. So it's anti-aging properties cannot be topped. 


 Rose Hips Concentrate


Rose hips make their feature here as the bearer of of high amounts of vitamin C, polyphenols, and carotenoids (vitamin A!).

These types of anti-oxidants are wonderful at stimulating collagen production

Rose Hips have been used in scientific studies to decrease the depth of wrinkles


Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root has not had many topical-use studies, but you're getting my own expertise here.

Dandelion is a a well-known cancer cell-killer and blood detoxifier. These types of herbs are wonderful for the treatment of melasma and sun-damaged skin

It is great for healing acne because it helps speed collagen production and keeps skin hydrated


Silk Amino Acids

 Silk Aminos show immediate improvement in the skin's moisture retention level. 

French Green Clay

One of the most soothing clays available. French Green clay is great for detoxifying the skin without irritating.


Chia Seed Oil

Significantly increases skin hydration and barrier function while also reducing trans-epidermal water loss.


Moringa Oil

Very anti-inflammatory and a powerful anti-oxidant, Moringa oil is cleansing while delivering very beneficial monosaturated fatty acids to the skin.


Apricot Kernel Oil

Nourishing and rejuvenating. High in vitamin A and E. This light oil absorbs quickly and has also been shown to cause apoptosis in cancer cells.


Ucuuba Butter

Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Ucuuba Trees grow in  South America and are in Nutmeg family. Indigenous families there often use Ucuuba for eczema, psoriasis, and acne.


Shea Butter

Hey Shhhheeaaaaaaayyy!!! One of my favorites as a formulator, shea butter is high in stearic acid, which assists in absorption of all the other goodness you've got going on in this jar. 

Shea Butter is also a great source of vitamin A and provides a gentle smoothness to anything it touches.

Powdered Roses

I've included these for both their lovely astringent action for the skin, but also for a great mental experience while using this mask








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  • 5
    Game Changer!!!

    Posted by Caitlin on Jun 19th 2020

    This is hands down the best face mask I have ever used or could ever dream of. It smells like fresh herbal tea! So relaxing before bed. I got to leave it on for a luxurious 30 minutes and I could feel it working and tightening my skin - but the mask never felt dry or too-tight and didn’t crack or flake off my skin leaving a mess. When I rinsed it off, my face felt SO soft and supple (as someone who has used Brazen Bee skincare for a few years that is to be expected). As usual with Brazen Bee products, a little goes a long and wonderful way.

  • 5
    Replenish Mask

    Posted by Karla on May 11th 2020

    Another wonderful product from this amazing company. The mask goes on smoothly and rinses off nicely. It's creamy and silky and smells fresh and clean. I love it! ❤

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