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Clay BODY MASK- Customized| MASKS

Add Multiple Herbs Below For A Customized Full-Body Detox Mask
Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
Barley Grass- organic
Burdock Root- Organic
Butcher's Broom- organic
Calendula Flowers
Chaga Mushroom
Chia Seed Powder- Organic
Coffee- finely powdered
Cornflowers- organic
Cranesbill (Geranium) Root- Organic
Horse Chestnut
Gentian Root- organic
Meadowsweet- organic
Nettle Leaf
Fortified Orange Peel
Plantain Leaf- organic
Patchouli Leaf Fortified- organic
Rosehip Powder
Witch Hazel Leaves- organic
White Willow Bark

Multani Mitti Clay - Customized Body Mask - Bulk 5 oz in Biodegradable Bag

Multani Mitti Clay is highly detoxifying for the skin and systems of the body when used as a mask. It is very astringent. Helps with lymphatic drainage by stimulating the flow of lymphatic system by gently pulling up through the skin.

In a world of toxins, full body clay masks are helpful as a reset for the skin as it removes toxins from deeper levels of the epidermis. We are hit daily with airborne toxins and a weekly skin detox is highly advised.

Summer is an especially great time to do these detoxes as our homes are warmer and we can turn the shower off for 5 minutes and let the clay set. No need to let it dry all the way.

Clay body mask
Posted Jun 24th 2021 by Jade Gonzales

Absolutely love this clay mask! Once (sometimes twice depending on this Texas heat) I will make a clay mask and spread it all over my face, underarms and girly bits...its great and deep cleansing and really getting those lymphatic regions open and clear.

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PACKAGING: Bulk 5 oz in Biodegradable Bag
Clay BODY MASK- Customized| MASKS
Clay BODY MASK- Customized| MASKS
Clay BODY MASK- Customized| MASKS
Clay BODY MASK- Customized| MASKS
Clay BODY MASK- Customized| MASKS