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Glacial Marine Clay | MASKS


This Ultrafine Glacial Marine Clay is heavy with minerals, elements, and phytoplankton that help detoxify and revitalize the skin! This is our richest clay for fortifying the skin while also detoxifying very gently.

This Ultrafine Canadian Glacial Cosmetic Marine Clay is a product of erosion caused by the movement and melting of glaciers. It eventually deposits as a sediment in the ocean and becomes enriched with beneficial phytoplankton, and is one of the most pure clays on the market in terms of the concentration of minerals and elements. This clay’s net negative ion charge attracts most positively charged bacteria, contaminants, and toxins, thereby detoxifying, rejuvenating, revitalizing, and deep cleansing the skin to a new radiance.
Another beneficial element to this clay is the micro size of its particles and its amazing absorptive ability. The osmotic power of the clay pulls moisture up from deep inner tissues to hydrate the surface of the skin and also cleans the skin without dehydrating it, as other cleansing agents may do. The clay is also excellent as a facial and body mask for aiding in softening the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and improving and stimulating blood circulation in the newly exposed skin cells, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, alive and glowing.

This incredibly buttery feeling clay stimulates blood circulation, soften the skin texture and neutralizes the skin with rich minerals to help smooth out wrinkles and slow the aging process of the skin.


There are many ways to use this dry clay and what I list here are just a few of many ways to use this clay for healthy skin and hair.


Mix 1 teaspoon of the dry clay with 1 dropper of Enlighten or Chally Ha Oil and just enough water to created a paste. Apply all over face (no need to avoid under eye area). To keep the clay from drying, spray face with Blatant or Enlighten Toner. Leave on for 20 minutes (if you can keep clay wet). Rinse it off face with warm water and clean clothe. 


Add 1/2 teaspoon of clay to 2 tablespoons to one of our many body scrubs. Mix together in a a bowl and use on all parts of body.

This clay is deeply nourishing and is helpful for almost any condition. The softness of skin afterward is remarkable. 


Add a full 1 oz jar of Glacial Marine Clay to your Brain Wash Daily and use as normal. This will help to thicken hair through deep nourishing. 


Add one container of clay into your jar or bottle of our cleansers! This is such an easy way to get a daily dose of Glacial Marine Clay into your regimen. 

Aids in reducing bags under the eyes by tightening and smoothing the contour around the eyes.

Excellent for helping treat acne, oily skin, greasy hair, insect bites, burns, scalds, and bruises.

1/2 oz glass container



Butter Soft
Posted Mar 24th 2021 by Melina W

This mask is great for adding moisture to my face, especially here in arid Colorado. Once you remove the mask your skin will feel like BUTTER and helps to even skin tone. I don't notice that it helps w/cystic acne but of course Brazen Bee has several other wonderful options for that skin concern area.

Luxurious Spa Treatment!
Posted Dec 11th 2020 by Caitlin

This is my favorite clay mask I’ve tried yet!! Buttery soft is an understatement. Easy to mix and apply, and if I apply it before a steaming hot soak in the tub it stays nice and buttery for the whole 20 minutes. Otherwise I spritz the Enlighten toner to keep it moist. My skin feels so smooth and glows after I gently remove with a warm soft cloth. 10/10 will keep in my regular skincare routine going forward!

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Glacial Marine Clay | MASKS