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Face Off | FACE MASK

White Wilow Bark
Comfrey Root
Butcher's Broom
Rose Petals (powdered)
Barley Grass- organic
Cranesbill (Geranium) Root- Organic
Burdock Root- Organic
Witch Hazel Leaves- organic
Fortified Orange Peel
Rosehip Powder
Dead Sea Clay
Glacial Marine Clay

This ain't your mama's clay mask. Well, it is, but make it your own with customization and care.

Face Off uses a base of Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) Clay, French Clays, and your choice of herbs. You have the chance to get into Brazen's cabinet of healing and further customize at home. Got any strawberries laying around? Perhaps some Kiwi or lemon juice? Maybe you just didn't want to EAT all that yogurt. All of these are amazing options to mix into your Face Off and apply with the confidence of feeding your face a deeply detoxifying and brightening mix.

When using a clay mask, it is very important to NOT leave it on until it is completely dry. At the dry phase, it is pulling every bit of goodness and elasticity out of the skin and leaving it a papery dry itchy mess. Remove mask once it has started to dry, but when it still has moisture in it next to skin. Remember, "once it cracks, you can't go back." Meaning that you can't topically replenish the goodness you were trying to put into it once the clay has pulled it all out. 

Ingredients: Multani Mitti Clay, French Green Clay, Rhassoul Clay, your choice of herbs

Face off
Posted Dec 25th 2020 by Lisa wood

First time trying a BB mask and it was delightful! So soft and creamy to apply, and the results left my face feeling so smooth! Nothing but only the best natural, non toxic ingredients. Pampering at it's finest!

Best mask I’ve ever tried
Posted Feb 19th 2018 by Steph

I love this mask! I have quite sensitive skin and I’ve been using this about once a week/every other week and my skin feels fabulous!

smells like magic
Posted Oct 31st 2016 by undefined

I adore this. It smells amazing. It feels amazing. Skin glows after use. Just smelling it makes me happy.

great mask!
Posted Apr 14th 2016 by deb

I love this mask. I prefer to mix it with Greek yogurt. I have sensitive skin, and this is just right. My skin always feels to soft when I'm done!

best face mask out there
Posted Aug 16th 2015 by Deena Lettas

this is hands-down the best face mask ever. since my skin is sensitive, and i'm afraid of the mask drying too fast and hurting me, i use this mask with grapeseed oil instead. this way, the mask can stay on longer and i can get those full benefits. my skin's sensitive, acne prone, and has some acne scars. now that my skin is clearing up, this mask helps keep away blackheads and pustules, and with the added herbs, helps heal the scars! i love this stuff and use it once a week. i'm now addicted. no other mask stands up to this, and i've been doing masks weekly for like, 10 years

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Face Off | FACE MASK
Face Off | FACE MASK
Face Off | FACE MASK