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Your skincare isn't working!!!

In watching the market regularly, I am amazed at how many people are complacent with their skincare. So many people have bought the line that they just have to have acne, even just *some* acne. My avid clients know different and it's my goal for everyone to know the truth.

First of all, more is not better. It's counter-intuitive for me to tell you this because I could sell you 5 different daily use things and know that only two of them are absolutely needed. I would be making a lot more money if I insisted you need a wider array of products to really cure your issues. 

In order to know what is working, you've got to go to what I call a Limited Ingredient Diet for the skin. Stop the cleansing wipes (I have seen these wreak havoc!), stop the toner, stop anything that has glycerin in the ingredients list (though glycerin is marked as hypoallergenic, I have years of study with clients that says IT'S NOT).

My goal is to get people off daily wear of foundation. Companies that want you to buy more don't actually want to fix your skin or you wouldn't be buying the other half of their line.

Get simple. You need two things in your overnight bag and that's a cleanser and a moisturizer. A cleanser and moisturizer that actually works should clear up all issues. From there, it's nice to do a mask once a week and toner is appropriate once you've gotten your skin to where it should be.


Companies that have ONE acne wash or one product for anything aren't doing enough to understand your issues. Being in business for almost 7 years and coming from a Nutritionist background, I have learned that no two bodies are the same. People have acne, rosacea, eczema, large pores all for different reasons. I can now group different types of acne into different categories and with trial and error and a world of patience, I know what herbs generally treat different types. But even my wealth of knowledge does not always cure it right off the bat. Your skin needs patience and the willingness to keep trying until we get to exactly what works for YOU.

This may sound discouraging to some, but my clients who have been suffering for long periods of time can attest to the pure joy they feel once we get everything clear. For 90% of my clients, we've got the skin clear within 2 weeks.


A vast majority of my clients use two things: 

Melee Facewash that is customized with herbs for their specific problems. In general, the best herbs for most clients with acne are: Barley Grass, Coffee, Comfrey, White Willow Bark (the root form of salicylic acid) , Meadowsweet (if there is inflammation around the acne), Watermelon, Plantain, Cucumber

SHU Healing Moisturizer or Stiletto Moisturizer. SHU is where I like clients to begin, but most clients choose to graduate to Stiletto after a few months because it is even more soothing and starts to heal scars.

That's it. That should be the beginning and the end of your absolute daily regimen, everything after that is icing on the cake and should only be incorporated IF IT WORKS. 

So there's my rant for today.




So stop putting up with it. Use only what you actually see results from, and not just results from one use. Many products out there are received well by the skin the very first time you use it, but then become problematic. 

Don't keep using something just because you've got the rest of the bottle to finish. It's not worth it and you're not doing yourself or your self-esteem any favors.

Here is my Facial Try Pack that get's everyone started to find out which cleanser base is the best for you and which moisturizer your skin does the best with. After you confirm this, you can order a cleanser with YOUR appropriate herbs. You can also consult with me, the owner and formulator, for suggestions on herbs for your specific conditions.