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Oatmeal has a big role in skincare. 


Oats are used for topical application for very good reason. 

1. Oats make a type of soap-like chemical called "Saponin" that very gently cleanse.
2. Regain proper PH level. Oatmeal can return irritated and pollutant compromised skin back to the proper PH, which helps with healing.
3. Soothing- yes, it's scientific truth that oatmeal soothes irritated skin through the combination of polysaccarides (also found in aloe vera), vitamins, and other nutrients.
4. Moisturizing! Oatmeal has been proven in clinical trials over and over again to improve the barrier function of the skin and therefor has helped those with "clinical dryness" to dermatitis greatly improve their skin.

This is why oatmeal is one of the main ingredients in all of our facewashes.

AT HOME: Always remember that you don't need to find or buy some special oatmeal lotion or formula for your own oatmeal quick-fix. Colloidal Oatmeal *sounds* technical and SPECIAL.
All it is is finely ground oatmeal. That's it. Here's how you make it.
1. Put dry oatmeal (preferably not quick-oats, more of the nutrients have been removed) or rolled oats into your blender, In most blenders, you need about 4 inches of depth in your blender for this to work well.
2. Blend dry oatmeal until it is powdered. Sometimes you might need to add additional dry oats to get the powder to rotate over well in the blender and create an even powder. The longer you blend, the finer the powder. But it only takes about 2 minutes.

1. MAKE THE PASTE: NEVER make more paste than you will use right away. Oatmeal LOVES to ferment and you risk bacteria if you try to make the paste ahead of time. Just add some water to a small amount of powder and apply it to the affected area in your body.
2. SPRINKLE IT: If you've never sprinkled dry oatmeal powder on your body then you've never lived. It feels like powdered silk! It's soothing, helps block some sun out, and just feels so gooooooooodddd.
3. BATH TIME: Add two heaping tablespoons of oat powder to a bath and luxuriate in the milky fortifying goodness knowing that you're doing your whole body such a good thing.

Remember that, once upon a time, plants were not put into the shortsighted categories of "Food/Herb/Weed/Decorative." Plants were looked at for *all* of their possible uses and oat was actually one of the most recently domesticated crop plants, which means that it remains a bit more true to its original genetic structure. Oats are bit more "wild" :-)

Our products with an oatmeal base:

EffOff Facewash

Melee Facewash

Georgia Sweet Facewash