Oct 3rd 2017

Oatmeal has a big role in skincare. Oats are used for topical application for very good reason. 1. Oats make a type of soap-like chemical called "Saponin" that very gently cleanse.2. Regain proper PH level. Oatmeal can return irritated and...
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Eczema & Psoriasis

Sep 15th 2017

These two issues are some of the least understood in all medical communities and I can't tell you how many dermatologists I've heard speak on it. No one has come to a consensus of causation and most doctors seem to feel it just a "well, that's what y...
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Dermatitis or Eczema

Jan 4th 2015

Dermatitis or EczemaResponse to client's recent question about recomendations:I fell asleep last reading a paper on atopic dermatitis to be ready to help you with this today. Dermatitis in itself is a tricky lady. It is almost always geneological and...
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