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Dermatitis or Eczema

Dermatitis or Eczema

Response to client's recent question about recomendations:

I fell asleep last reading a paper on atopic dermatitis to be ready to help you with this today. Dermatitis in itself is a tricky lady. It is almost always geneological and it does actually present with a different make-up of skin. There is a gene mutation that basically causes the gene to present with a nonlegible script that messes with the expression of skin barrier protiens. There is certainly some important info to keep in mind when reading this article that Brazen won't be able to cure, including the protien expression. But that she will also be more likely to have asthma or other allergies, that science has begun to find that open lesions like this are where allergies begin (there is a paragragh citing that it's been documented for peanut allergy to being as being entered through the skin and then developing an allergy to eating or inhaling it. Children are also more liekly to have vaccine complications iof they have atopic Derm. They cannot figure out if irritation causes the dermatitis or if dermatitis begins and then skin irritation ensues. That last part is important, because it gives us hope that we can possibly remove irritation and soothe and at least have fragile skin- not irritated skin.

My actual recomendations: possibly testing for allergies to certain protiens; dairy, meat, nuts, grains. Keeping in mind it is important to find out what she is already sensitized to (and there has to be something). I highly recommend a mushroom supplement that includes shitake, reishi, and maitake. These mushrooms contain very important polysacharides and their job is so little understood. These guys are, literally, the voice of cells. Cells use polysacharides to let each other know what's going on. And if you lived and worked with other people as closely as cells do... you want plenty of communication when something like this is going on (any kind of inflamation means the body is on constant high-talk-alert amonst the cells. We want to try to fascilitate some better communication instead of so many of them having to get angry. Second polysacharide supplement- Aloe Vera juice. Aloe does indeed have documented skin healing qualities and can also help those with food allergies. REMEMBER- studies have also shown that takin aloe vera internally speeds the healing of sores and wounds just as effectively and fast as applying it topically. I say take it down the hatch and let the cells decide where they want to use it.

Topical recommendations: SHU and Aloe vera, and stop using all soap. Use sugar/salt scrubs for the hands and don't touch soap even in the shower to wash the rest of the body. Soap is the very worst enemy right now during healing. It is a darcula for water, tightens the skin cells: and the above article already discusses that a problem with AP is that the skin lacks a set of closely knit protiens that keep water in. It has the protein, but they just aren't linked tight enough. Removing water from them with ANYTHING that makes a sud. Even if it says "soap free"- remember that all sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium coco sulfate, sodium cocoyl isethionate are soap. THere are so many more names... but the easiest way to see it is to never use something makes a buibble. Not even natural soaps like Dr. Bronners or KissMyFace. Just no soap for at least 2 weeks to see how much healing we can get in.

Much information for this article found at

all of information acquired over time and through the help of clients who allow me to help them.