Healing Scars

Dec 26th 2015

I believe that understanding what the skin does to heal a typical cut or wound can help us understand everything from Acne to Eczema. To get deeper into the processes that it undergoes on a cellular level helps us become closer to the intricate d...
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Differences in Vitamin Quality

Jan 12th 2015

Why buy more expensive vitamins?What is the difference between “Vitamin”, ” Food Based”, and “Food State” vitamins?I found myself about to write out the same information for a new client for the 5th time this month. Oh yeah! This is the part where I...
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Dermatitis or Eczema

Jan 4th 2015

Dermatitis or EczemaResponse to client's recent question about recomendations:I fell asleep last reading a paper on atopic dermatitis to be ready to help you with this today. Dermatitis in itself is a tricky lady. It is almost always geneological and...
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