Concessions to Cancer

Dec 18th 2015

This world has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. I’ve watched it happen. Many of us cringe at what is the “new normal.” Many of us remember when cancer was a strange thing for a family member to get and when we could lock our kids outside...
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Essential Oils Offer Natural Health Benefits

Dec 2nd 2015

Lately we have seen a surge of interest in getting back to the basics when it comes to health. This includes anything from natural herbs and supplements to essential oils. Here are 9 essential oils that can assist with acne, arthritis pain...
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Scrunched Hair Designer and High Strung Pomade

Aug 19th 2015

Are you ready to feel as incredible about your hair as you do about your skin care? Well, wait no longer because the price is right and the beauty is calling. Mama’s going out tonight, and she’s taking you with her. The buck stops here and we’re...
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The Healing of Scars

Aug 18th 2015

The body is an amazing symphony of magical ability. It is very much like a futuristic movie that we can cut ourselves open and scrape off parts of our skin and it grows back together and makes new skin. If we could see the entire 7 month process o...
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How Hemp Oil is Changing Chronic Pain Management

Aug 14th 2015

Recent statements by Dr. Sanjay Gupta have been quoted and requoted all over the media, and for a good reason. It is an important issue, and his is an important voice. Here is a quote from a blog on MSN:Those who doubt medical marijuana’s usefu...
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Many Herbalist Recommended Hemp Seed Oil for Eczema

Aug 13th 2015

The essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil acts as an internal moisturizer for the skin, they can help combat the dryness and cracking of eczema and calm inflammation from the inside out. By taking a teaspoon of hemp seed oil orally three times a day...
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Review: Yes To Tomatoes Acne Control Gel Cleanser

Feb 18th 2015

I have more than one client who has come to me crying from a bout with Yes To Tomatoes or Yes to Carrots. Even I used to buy their products thinking they were sooooo cool. It can take a while to pull someone away from the idea that a company is all n...
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Whipped Argan Body Butters: why so expensive??

Jan 16th 2015

These heavenly bodies were meant for your heavenly body- the whole darn thing!!I looked hard for affordable Argan lotions that actually had quality ingredients. The closest thing I found was Josie Maran’s at Sephora. Then my heart sank. While Argan o...
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Differences in Vitamin Quality

Jan 12th 2015

Why buy more expensive vitamins?What is the difference between “Vitamin”, ” Food Based”, and “Food State” vitamins?I found myself about to write out the same information for a new client for the 5th time this month. Oh yeah! This is the part where I...
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