How to use clay in your skincare routine

How to use clay in your skincare routine

Feb 5th 2021

Skincare with clay can make a world of difference:

here's how this beautiful dirt can make or break your mantle.

Using clay is appropriate for everyone, one of the biggest concerns should be HOW you use it.

1. NEVER LET CLAY DRY on your face.

There is one single exception to this, Glacial Marine Clay.

2. Do not use "pulling" clays as a full mask more than once a week,

These clays are Rhassoul and Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth)

3. Clays are all very different.

Respect them for their attributes and the work they can do for you.

Scroll down to learn about how to use each clay with confidence!

Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth)
Fuller's Earth Clay is a detoxifying workhorse. Originally used to pull lanonin and oil from sheep's wool, this clay has also been studied and proven to help remove radiation from soldiers exposed during war!

A great anti-inflammatory.

USES AND ACTIONS: This clay is very drying and stripping. But that is also its benefit. It's a deep cleanser but should be used with caution as it will dry skin out if used improperly.

GOOD FOR: acne, eczema, psoriasis, general cleansing, body detox from airborn and other common contaminants.

Rhassoul Clay
It's been used for at least 1,400 years as a soap and shampoo because it naturally pulls out oil and debris from the hair and skin.

The name “Rhassoul” is derived from the Arabic word “Rassala”, which means “to wash”.

Rhassoul Clay is rich in essential nutrients and minerals, many of which contain healing properties for the skin. Cosmetic stores and departments do sell products formulated with these minerals, but the advantage of Rhassoul is that it contains them in an almost raw, unprocessed form. 


Rhassoul can be drying, but is not as extremely astringent as Multani Mitti Clay. This is a medium gentle clay that both cleanses and offers minerals to the skin if you do not let it dry while on the skin.

Mineral Content: Magnesium, Silica, Potassium

All very good for skin strength and elasticity.

GOOD FOR: Acne, Hair Cleansing

French Green Clay
This clay is absorptive and gentle at the same time. It will pull oil and impurities from the pores, but not as dramatically as Multani Mitti or Rhassoul. It also is more nourishing of a clay with its color coming from Iron Oxide and decomposed plant material, such as kelp and algae.

This gentle clay helps exfoliate and rejuvenate skin while also working as a soothing anti-inflammatory.

GOOD FOR: Acne, Puffiness, Dullness, Age Spots, Healing Scars

Dead Sea Clay
This famed ancient remedy for skin issues is famed because it does work! Dead Sea Mud is not only purifying, it works magic by providing the skin with a rich source of 21 minerals that it can absorb easily.

Literally, Dead Sea Clay feeds your skin! Think of it as a vitamin packed mask.


I have seen this clay help immensely for Eczema, Psoriasis, skin discoloration issues (Tinea Versicolor, hyperpigmentation). It's great for aging skin because of it's ability to nourish quickly and deeply.

GOOD FOR: Aging Skin, Age Spots, Healing Scars, Eczema, Psoriasis, Tinea Versicolor, Hyperpigmentation, Loss of Pigmentation