Deceptive Ingredient Lists

Feb 20th 2020

Just a couple of days ago I was intrigued by the 4,000th ad hitting me on Facebook about another "no shampoo" solution. I often click to see what other companies are doing and are *saying* is "no poo". I'm most often just disappointed to see it's yet...
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What IS Unrefined? Skincare in the bag

Sep 1st 2019

Unrefined. Raw. Crude. Plain. Untreated. Unprocessed.  Why should you be looking for these words when it comes to skincare?These words mean that the formulator knows that there is far more nutrition in raw ingredients than there are in "ext...
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? What Herbs Do I Need In My Cleanser ?

Oct 7th 2018

I get it, choosing your facewash herbs can be confusing and overwhelming. Most of you know you can contact me for help on this crucial decision, but here is a reference list for you and your friends!!Some conditions and herb listsRosacea in a ba...
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