What inspires me...

What inspires me...

Posted by Courtney Henslee on Jan 5th 2015

What I care about is people. Every job I have ever considered as a career was about helping people feel good. Nutritionist, midwife, psychologist, counselor, teacher, lawyer (because when i little i though you could just defend poor innocent and go to sleep happy with that job). All of those jobs have been and still are heavily considered when I get up in the morning.But the thing is that I found a way to combine so many of them and use the innate skills I was given to be a true listener and emp … read more

What the hell is this stuff??

Feb 15th 2014

1. (actually) NaturalI could go on and on and on and on and on about how bastardized the word "natural" has become in the health food and skin care industry. Apparently, if it once was found in a plant, or  maybe somewhere NEAR a plant, that makes it "natural". I happen to believe that something becomes unnatural the moments it undergoes refining and is separated from the original constituents it was meant to be with, it ain't natural. Please keep in m mind, also, that refining VERY often i … read more