What inspires me...

What inspires me...

Posted by Courtney Henslee on Jan 4th 2015

What I care about is people. Every job I have ever considered as a career was about helping people feel good. Nutritionist, midwife, psychologist, counselor, teacher, lawyer (because when i little i though you could just defend poor innocent and go to sleep happy with that job). All of those jobs have been and still are heavily considered when I get up in the morning.

But the thing is that I found a way to combine so many of them and use the innate skills I was given to be a true listener and empath while reading science studies about specific molecules and case studies. I feel so balanced in my work that it makes me feel guilty sometimes.

My job here at Brazen is to care. Is to care so much that I send 2 page emails (not double-spaced!) when you ask a question, when your baby has a rash, when you are distressed about a change in your body... I truly care. I use my psyche classes I've had so far, I use knowledge acquired from helping all my other clients, I use the scientific studies I read in my free time, I use my 20 years of nutrition studies (which includes watching fads come and go).

I am an open book, as I feel any type of counselor should be. I send out a free package a month to someone who is struggling financially and needs some tender feelings. I laugh with my clients, I cry at their trials, I stay up very late at night replying to emails and reading up on their issues.

I love humanity with a great and deep passion and I follow the idea that each single person I help gets to go out in the world and help one or more people. It is truly a ripple and I take so much joy in working hard for every sale, for every follower, for every smile I bring to someone's face when they are clear of acne and no longer embarassed, admiring their beautifully aging face, wearing a bathing suit for the first time in years because we have cleared up eczema... These are all the moments when I high-five myself, dance in the kitchen, happy tears well up.... and I move onto the next one.

Myself and my partner, Traci (also a Brazen Worker on the side of other million things she does ;-)