Acne Complete Control Full Size Set (4-Step)

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Our best selling 4-Step Acne Complete Control System. Including full sizes of our Cure-ist Cleanser/Mask, Chally HA! Oil Cleanser & Moisturizer 1 oz, Blatant Herbal Spritzer 2 oz,  and SHU Healing Moisturizer 1oz.
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Everything you need to improve and clear acne as fast as possible. 

This pack includes: 

The Cure-ist Acne Cleanser

This specially formulated cleanser is packed with key herbs to promote fast healing and to soothe irritation.

Value: $37


SHU Healing Moisturizer 

Formulated especially for our acne clients with Ucuuba Butter and Karanja Seed Oil. SHU is an important component in why our acne clients heal so quickly. Nightly use will be very important.

Value: $33

Chally HA! Oil Cleanser

Chaulmoogra Oil (which specifically kills acne bacteria) and Karanja Oil team up in this amazing oil cleanser. Oil cleansing is a wonderful option for all skin but should be done at least once a week by everyone no matter what other facewashes you are using. Chally HA! works as your daily make-up remover and your weekly oily cleanse (or daily oil cleanse!). It is also wonderful to put a few drops in your facewash when you wash each day and make an oil scrub for your face.

Price outside of kit: $33

Blatant Toner

A daily delivery system of white willow bark and cucumber concentrates, this toner is not just a close-up-your-pores and move-on kinda gal. 

Price outside of set: $17

Set worth: $120


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    Acne Complete Control Set Review

    Posted by Melina on Jul 10th 2020

    Ok- I will try to be short and sweet here although I could go on for DAYS about how wonderful this set is!! I recommend to EVERYONE & ANYONE I know that has acne issues. 1st let me preface with I dealt with acne for pretty much my whole life (done the accutane thing twice, lots nasty pharmaceuticals, tried EVERYTHING). I also have rather sensitive skin and roseacea. This is EVERYTHING I have been looking for and more. I have spent 2+ years looking for something to help w/my acne that's NATURAL, and I have FINALLY found it! I actually look forward and WANT to wash my face because the cureist cleanser smells so darn good!! Not going to lie, I don't follow the use instructions 100% (I sometimes only cleanse once a day, I forget to spray Blatant toner at night even if I don't wash my face; so your typical human) but even with NON 100% compliance I am still seeing WONDERFUL results. Typically around ovulation time I get AWFUL cystic acne that continues until menses. Since using this set my cystic acne occurrence has been greatly reduced. Overall my skin is clearer, smoother, softer, reduced redness, reduced inflammation, overall my face is happier and I am happier/more confident. PLEASE keep everything in this set as is, no adjustments, and NEVER EVER discontinue. Thank you so much for all that Brazen Bee is and represents.

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