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We have taken a blend of both of our facewash bases and blended them to be both soothing and clarifying.

From there, we've added herbs for fighting acne and to sooth skin and start good collagen production for those scars.


Benefits of Each Ingredient

Oats: Oats have been used for skin maladies since 2000 bc. They should not be forgotten as one of the original skin remedies. Oats contain sopanins which attach to impurities and gently remove excess oil from the skin with absolutely no drying or tightening of the skin. Colloidal oatmeal was recognized by the FDA as a skin protectant in 2003. It is one of the few herbs recognized in the United States for its natural properties. Oats 6 major components that are recognized as scientifically beneficial for skin. Avenanthramides (anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-irritant), avenacins (sopanin and anti-fungal), flavanoids (anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory), phenolics (antioxidant), Beta-Glucan (sought after skin ingredient now because it is highly penetrative and has shown to have more ling term hydration protection than hyaluronic acid, speeds healing), lipids (work to protect the skin, antioxidant), and peptides.

Oats provide all those benefits and otherwise expensive components in one beautiful place.

Sucanat: Naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids? Yes, please! This is the only true "sugar in the raw" that actually exists. Sucanat is fresh pressed and dried cane juice without undergoing any removal of vitamins or minerals. Sugar is an easy source of alpha-hydroxy acids where other companies want to isolate and charge an arm and leg for them, I found them in their rawest form with the inclusion of nutritive vitamins and minerals. 

Alpha-hydroxy acids: (as found in sucanat) are well-known to speed up cell regeneration and improve the smoothness and brightness of skin. Glycolic acid is the main alpha-hydroxy in sugar cane and this is the smallest of the acids and works to gently break the bond between old skin cells so they can slough away without irritation or rough scrubbing. Glycolic acid also increases the moisture level in the skin cells keeping them plump and healthy. 

Yucca Root Powder: also known as "soap root." This is a wonderful natural cleanser and lathers slightly on it's own. Not only does it cleanse, it also contains a wealth of nutrition for the skin: calcium, potassium, Vitamins A, B and C, iron, copper, manganese, and phosphorus.

Cape Aloe Vera: Cape Aloe is the world's most active aloe vera with twice as many healing monosacharides and up to 3 times the amino acid content of typical aloe vera. Cape Aloe is such a wonderful skin treatment because it can be applied to the most tender and sensitive skin with amazing results. Cape Aloe grows only in the lowest region of South Africa and was not available in the United States until recently. 

Spirulina: Spirulina is one of the most complete forms of protein and nutrition. It is a concentrated form of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carotendoids -- a type of antioxidant. Spirulina contains vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin B complex, zinc, copper, iron

White Willow Bark: The ORIGINAL aspirin! This wonderful plant is not only used for pain relief, but also used for acne because of the salicin (similar to salicylic acid). It helps to erase acne as fast as possible while also helping the cells to better hold their own moisture, so it combats dry-skin.

Comfrey: A wound healing agent because it takes down swelling and causes fast collagen production.

Coffee: The caffiec acid in coffee is shown to help acne clear and heal. 

Cornflowers: Such a wonderful soothing agent, cornflowers provide astringent clean while calming irritated skin.

Barley Grass: A very deep nutrative to feed ailing skin with phospherous, vitamin C, copper, selenium, and much much more. This is also a wonderful "green food" for the skin to improve overall viability and strength of cells.

Calendula: One of our favorites around here! Calendula is an amazing flower that seriously helps the body make good quality collagen (yes, there are different types of collagen!) . In that, it helps repair blemishes by helping the skin heal them over faster with quality skin to prevent scars.

Meadowsweet: another great skin-soother. Included in this formula for its ability to reduce redness and be an anti-bacterial.

Burdock: as a hormone-regulator, burdock helps significantly with acne by tempering hormonal break-outs and deeply cleansing. 

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