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With so many clients looking to regrow hair or just thicken their current mane, I did some great work in the lab and combined so many herbs and oils that we know do this kind of work.

Amla- a well-known ancient herb in India, this fruit is widely used to create shine, thickness, and manageability.

Fo-Ti Root - this little guy is a big guy when it comes to aging and growing hair in Chinese medicine. Some fables say that Fo-Ti can even turn grey hair back to black. I don't think this will happen to you, but it also us a known hair growth stimulant when used topically.

Horsetail - found across the United States, Horsetail is a wonderful hair tonic internally and externally for it's hard-to-find mineral content and the silica it delivers for strength.

Butcher's Broom - this lady is all about bloodflow and vein health, which we are often lacking as we age or when the scalp is damaged by psoriasis or alopecia. 

Astragalus - well known to promote great blood flow!

Shitake - here's your source of B vitamins in this formulua. Shitake is high in B vitamins and we all know that B vitamins makes for shine, growth, and strength.

Dead Sea Salt - this high-mineral powder is important to anyone who wants to regrow hair. Minerals are taken up through the skin and scalp sometimes better than they are in the gut. Scalp health can be greatly improved with a good dose of minerals.

French Green Clay - soothing and also packed with ancient green things from the sea to nourish and calm everyone down

Sucanat Sugar - yet ANOTHER source of minerals, but also a great source of alpha-hydroxy acids, which will help scalp cells turnover faster and promote hair growth.

Essential Oils - the blend I have done here is stimulating and promotes blood flow


Full Ingredients: Koalin Clay, Sucanat Sugar, Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, French Green Clay, Amla Berry, Fo-Ti Root, Horsetail, Butcher's Broom, Astragalus, Shitake Mushroom.

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Armoise Mugwort, Turmeric, Fir Needle.


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    Clay WHAT?! Also for BEARDS!

    Posted by Melina on Jan 17th 2024

    I have been using this scalp/hair/beard clay to "wash" my hair for about a 3-4 months now, using once weekly. And my husband has been using on his hair as well as his beard. We are OBSESSED! It seems counterintuitive to use clay on your scalp and facial hairs, but once you get used to it, you will NEVER look back. It leaves our scalp hair so soft that my pick glides through towel dried hair like butter, FAR less hair fall out, and you don't need any conditioners at ALL! My husband's beard has never ever been so soft. We have both noticed (on scalp and beard) far less hair fall out, thickening of hair, as well as increased hair growth (I would provide pictures of my root growth from last coloring but no one wants to see that funny business). In honesty, have not noticed a lessening of gray/wizard hairs, but not counting out that possibility yet. How I use: wet my hair, use my scalp scrubbing brush on wet hair, then use the thick clay mixture as indicated on the bag, clip my hair up, go about the rest of my shower, and rinse while finger massaging using slightly warm water. BUTTER I tell you!! Beard use: apply as listed on the bag (using 1-2 tablespoons of clay depending on length and thickness of beard) at the start of your shower, and then rinse out while finger massaging at the end of shower using slightly warm water. You WILL feel your face tightening. My hair type: few inches off the shoulder, wavy, thick, brunette hair. I push my hair and only wash about every 4-6 ish days, using clay I can push it out longer between washings and it doesn't appear as greasy/oily as quickly either until about the 4th/5th day and then from there it gets pulled up/back. About every 3-5 weeks depending (haven't trialed this yet in the warmer and more active summer months yet) there will be a build up of minerals from the clay (hair gets a kinda waxy texture), and after clay washing I will have to use a 10% vinegar rinse to clarify out the minerals (keep your eyes COMPLETELY shut until you fully rinse off and then some more to make sure all the vinegar is rinsed away), and this takes care of it TYPICALLY. If not, then I wash using Scalp Scrub or a goats milk soap (remember natural soaps still contain SLS) if needed, and then am good to go clay washing for another 3-5ish washes before needing a vinegar rinse and/or goats milk soap wash. NOTE: I do NOT use any hair products outside of OCCASIONALLY using Brazen Bee butters on hair ends only, penetrate, pomade, and when I have really pushed the hair washing limits, some multani miti clay as dry shampoo. I tell EVERYONE I know about clay washing for hair/scalp/beard, it has been LIFE CHANGING!

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