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Pure Wood: The Manitou Link Beard Oil | BEARDS


Whether you're a Raw, Pure Wood or a Dirty at Dusk person, your facial hair is important. It not only helps to define you, but it's also something you have to smell 24 hours a day. I've created a deep conditioner here with a beard's dream.

The scent unlayers itself after it is applied. This guy is a steal of a deal and multitasks as a shave oil, a lotion, cologne, it walks your dog, soothes irritated skin, attracts beautiful people to you, polishes furniture! 

"Smell my beard."

Ingredients: Pure Oils: Almond, Argan, Avocado, Hemp, Tamanu, Chia Seed. Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Cedar, Fir Needle, Scotch Pine


Pure Wood: The Manitou Link Beard Oil
Posted Mar 17th 2020 by Amy Astorga

Love it!!

Love It!
Posted Jan 16th 2018 by Charles

I've been using this on my beard for over a year now... This oil restores life back into my dry wind blown beard, making it easier to comb and not to mention smelling great. Oh and my girl loves it too ;-) .

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Pure Wood: The Manitou Link Beard Oil | BEARDS