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Civil (Bug) Spray 2 oz | SKIN CARE


"Where's my Civility??" She cried out from the tent. She was a fierce babe, but insects found her delicious...

In a sincere effort to drastically improve upon natural bug sprays, I bring you some Civility. This bottle has more bang than some essential oils mixed in a bottle with some water or carrier oil. I did my research on this one.

Websites are now espousing the fabulous benefits of a new non-deet chemical that goes by the name of Picaridin. I thought to myself, "There *has* to be some natural inspiration for this chemical." I looked further and found that the Bayer company created Picaridin to replace Piperine as a bug repellent. 

What is Piperine? It's the amazingly beneficial chemical found in black pepper. So WHY in the world do we need a chemical made in a lab to replace it? As it turns out, pipirine may be more successful a bug and tick repellent than DEET.

I have also added White Willow Extract to soothe bites and as an additional get-away to bugs.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel Extract, Lemongrass EO, Black Pepper EO, Palmarosa EO, Lemon Eucalyptus EO, Geranium EO, White Willow Concentrated Extract


awesome in every way!
Posted Jun 19th 2016 by Deb

I have used almost a full bottle of Civility, and I just ordered a new bottle. This stuff works and smells great! I have a lot of bugs, including mosquitos, in my yard, so when I garden I tend to get eaten up. I used Civility and watched mosquitos buzz around me but never land or bite me. The only bites I've gotten when wearing Civility have been on places I neglected to spray. It even worked in the Hocking Hills, a heavily forested nature preserve. Buy it!

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Civil (Bug) Spray 2 oz | SKIN CARE
Civil (Bug) Spray 2 oz | SKIN CARE