Eat Coconut Oil for Acne: One Clients Story

Posted by Courtney Henslee on Jan 6th 2015

I have a great client who came to me for cystic acne more than a year ago. We went through a wide array of topical treatments that did help some, but still dealt with occasionally out of control skin. I continued to rack my brain for what we should do. I don't stop until it's gone. That's the whole "uncompromising passion" line. 

EffOff helped, Chally Ha! helped, SHU healing moisturizer helped.... but I knew something else was up. I had her keep a food diary so we could see if there was any correlation with some certain food and these crazy break-outs. SCORE!! She found a couple of foods that were definitely culprits. I also told her to really moniter how many ounces of cheese she had a week. A few clients have found that there is just a threshold and 3 ounces is often where it is. I have no time to postulate on why that's the magic number for avoiding breakouts or eczema and still indulging, but it's a good number. 

She was happy to figure some of these things out and I was elated to hear about how much more inspired she felt about understanding her own body. But I still felt there was just some kind of underlying problem besides food sensitivity. I felt implicitly like she was suffering from candida and this was a big part of cyclical cystic acne. I prescribed a tablespoon of coconut oil a day for two weeks solid, reducing or eliminating sugar during this treatment, but not trying to be crazy about it or beat herself up over sugar. I like to treat the body by adding health, not limiting or taking away and creating food-stress in a society where we already suffer from body image issues. 

So she began the coconut oil internally with amazing results. Bingo. We had discovered her skin was showing distress because her tummy needed to get rid of yeast. 

She is one of my most devoted clients and I my relationship with her is what my relationship is like with clients who need serious help. I don't just sell stuff I make in my kitchen. I like to think of it like I am being allowed to care and love someone through a hard time and, together, we will get a body better.