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The Tree's Knees | BODY & HAIR BUTTER

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The latest in our line of hyper-moisturizing super-healing Body & Hair Butters. 



Ingredients: Unrefined & Refined Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter.
Essential Oils: Fir Balsam, Ho Wood, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Fir Needle, 
Sandalwood, Palo Santo
Trees Knees Body and Hair Butter
Posted Mar 19th 2021 by Renee

I love this hair and body butter. It's great for my dry hands and I use it on my wet hair after a shower. It really makes my curls "pop" and people have been noticing how healthy my hair looks lately. No more chemical laden hair conditioner for me! The scent is light. I've also used the Earth and Calm scent which is a little stronger.

Blown away!
Posted Nov 20th 2020 by Becky Dougherty

I wanted to try this, but was unsure if it would smell to "earthy" or "hippie" if you know what I mean. The scent is AMAZING! Light enough to fade pretty quickly after your shower, but wonderful when you are putting it on. I have never used a "in shower lotion" that you put on your wet body, so that was a new experience. But I have come to love it! It is really good on my dry feet since I haven't had a pedicure during the pandemic. HA!

Can’t wait to buy more
Posted Aug 30th 2020 by Helen

This product is amazing for skin ! I got a wicked sunburn - cleated it in a day. Got scratched by a dog - healed in just a few days. Great for everyday use but very helpful when it needs a little extra TLC

Trees Knees
Posted Jun 29th 2020 by Nicole Underwood

This is the best smelling body butter. I use it for my body and my hair. Leave my skin feeling great in this dry Colorado climate.

Posted Jun 14th 2020 by Helen

Makes my skin feel amazing without leaving it feeling oily. Great product

Subtle, crisp scent
Posted Jan 27th 2019 by Katia A

This has a crisp & clean scent. I love that it has palo santo oil; can't get enough!

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The Tree's Knees | BODY & HAIR BUTTER
The Tree's Knees | BODY & HAIR BUTTER
The Tree's Knees | BODY & HAIR BUTTER
The Tree's Knees | BODY & HAIR BUTTER