Jazz in the Pines | SPRAY


If you've ever dreamed of a southern night in a bottle, this is it. The smell of jasmine at night with pine trees nearby is exactly what a summer night in Texas is.

Jasmine, michelia alba and pine scotch create radiantly floral and tender woody aromatics in this blend.

Our sprays are packaged in 2oz cobalt bottles, which can be refilled with water (approximately twice) to stretch the life of the spray.  Just be sure to top off with water when the level reaches no less than 1/8 of the bottle and then shake vigorously to redistribute the oils which have settled on the surface.

Ingredients: Carrier Oil: Grapeseed Oil.  Essential Oils: Jasmine, Michelia Alba, Pine Scotch

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Jazz In the Pines: Jasmine Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil, Michelia Alba Essential Oil
Jasmine Body and Room Spray: Jazz in the Pines. Pure Essential Oils.
Jasmine Essential Oil Body and Room Spray. Let the night in!