First Ascent | Body Scrub

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This *new* scrub will take you to heights you may have never been. 

My wife and I spend a lot of our summers high in the Colorado peaks above 11,000 feet. Not only is there a special feeling that most humans have never been and will never be at these places, but the smells can be intoxicating. High altitude plants are full of sweet earthiness. 

I built this scent around the Himalayan Cedar, which is completely unlike any American cedar you've ever smelled. In our collaboration, Nikki swore that what it needed at the end was a touch of our Raw Honey, which has an earthy sweet scent. She was so right. The honey brought the scent together like a fine perfume.

This scent would be categorized as a bit "masculine". 



The Base: Powdered Sea Salt, Shea Butter (refined and unrefined), Refined Cocoa Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Himalayan Salt, Organic Sucanat

The Ascent: Himalayan Cedar, Neroli, Blue Spruce, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Organic Raw Honey, Howood

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