Blossom | BODY BUTTER (2oz)

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Feilds of blossoms are calling to you....

The beautiful scent of Michela Alba blended with other flower oils calls up a walk along a spring path through fields of innocence. We have blended some the most well-known and comforting scents with the African grass of palmarosa and sunny lemon touches the high note in this lotion to lift you to a treetop.


Ingredients: Ghana Shea Butter, Burkina Fasso Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Kokum Butter, Essential Oils of: chamomile, geranium, palmarosa, michela alba, lemon, 

2oz recyclable re-usable screw-top tin

Customer Reviews (2)

More lemony less floral

Posted by Carrie on Oct 24th 2019
The texture is great! It’s initially quite oily but absorbs really fast. I enjoy the scent but was expecting something more floral with a name like blossom. It is quite lemony. Lemmon is fairly low on the ingredient list, but still overpowers any of the other scents listed. I look forward to trying some other scents. I only tried it in my hair once and my fine hair was left looking very greasy even when a small amount was applied to my ends. Your experience may be quite different as I have heard great things about use in the hair. I keep the tin on my desk and use it on my hands and cuticles daily.

Must have!

Posted by Caitlin Morissette on Jan 27th 2019
This is my go-to scent for body butter. The 2 oz tin lasts me up to 2 months (closer to 1 in the winter). Non-greasy, so nourishing and just a light fresh floral scent that’s perfect for everyday use. I will never use anything else for full body moisture!
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