Why not ALL Organic?

Posted by Courtney Henslee on Dec 10th 2014

It is very true that not every ingredient is organic, and there is actually good reason for that. I am not avoiding higher prices, most of the time, I am avoiding absurdity.

There are lots of natural oils and butters whose originating plants are NEVER grown with pesticides. The two main ones I have researched in depth are shea and argan. 

Do not, especially, be fooled by the high price of organic argan or shea. 

Argan oil comes from the argan tree of Morocco. This is an indigenous tree that is rarely farmed, but grows naturally. Farmers in Morocco already use little no pesticides on these hardy trees. All that the Organic stamp means is that a farmer had a lot of money to slap down for the approval. I am much more into supporting small farms of real people rather than a company who has come in and taken over.

Shea butter is another whose label is unnecessary if it says organic. All shea is organic. Shea trees do not farm well and the shea we get is coming from long-standing trees in Africa. I have read that many have attempted to export and farm the shea tree, but to no avail. The trees love Africa, period. 

If you have questions about other ingredients and their quality, please email me!