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Scrunched Hair Designer and High Strung Pomade

Are you ready to feel as incredible about your hair as you do about your skin care? Well, wait no longer because the price is right and the beauty is calling. Mama’s going out tonight, and she’s taking you with her. The buck stops here and we’re all passing go… ok ok, I got a little carried away and wanted to see if you’re still reading. Let’s continue, shall we?

What kind of hair have you got? Of course, different thicknesses of hair will need different amount of product. As you can see, Scrunched and High Strung are quite thick. Stop shaking in your boots and remind yourself that you are an adult and you can decide the right amount of product for yourself without coming out looking like a poorly done Grease extra (here comes Principal McGee!)

I recommend that the first time you use Scrunched or High Strung, you start with dry hair just so you can better monitor what’s happening with how much to use. There is a fine line where you will become John Travolta, but you won’t have his face structure to go with the oily locks.

  • 1.If you have fine hair, you will not necessarily need to heat up your new product to use it because you will need such a small amount. If you have thicker hair, I warm mine with the heat from a blowdryer. Just hold the blowdryer right over the open container and get a top layer warm and melted. To begin with, you want just enough product to cover your fingers. Smooth into ends to begin with and then apply close to roots if you are doing a short style. If you are scrunching curly hair, apply to ends and then scrunch.
  • 2.Wet hair is thirsty hair, when you apply to wet hair, it will want more than dry hair does. BUT BE CAREFUL- because hair is wet, it’s really hard to tell when to stop. Is my hair wet or is it greasy looking?? You will get this wrong one day. You will use too much and you will become discouraged and you will have to find a new hairstyle that day because you don’t have time to wash your hair before work. When this happens, use a towel to hold hair in pieces and run the towel downward to remove some of the oil. It will not fix the problem, but it will help. Also, look at it this way, you are doing a nutritive repair on your hair for the day. On the days I over-do it, I put my hair up somehow and know that tomorrow I am going to have the softest hair in all the land because I gave it a chance to hang out with these intensely reparative oils.
  • 3.Curly vs straight. If you have straight hair or are wearing your hair straightened- you need less product and have to be more careful than a curly-kinky person. We curly-kinkies have more room for error when it comes to how much product our hair can hold and not look greasy. You’ll get the hang of it.

Just as an example, here is how my styling goes (I have medium thick wavy hair).

I shower or wet my hair with a spray bottle. I warm up some High Strung or Scrunched. While I want to be lazy and start scrunching right away, I try to remember to get it on ends all around, then on middle, then I put some on the way back of my head where my hair is just 2 inches long. I start scrunching it into curls. Now, sometimes from here I use the diffuser with the blowdryer to dry hair and create added hold. Sometimes I scrunch and go and let it dry as it will. Remember that short-haired people can also benefit from using a blowdryer to style their hair and get it to stay in place, especially with these pomades!

Things to remember:

  • 1.When you sleep, your hair gets the life sucked out of it by the pillowcase. Eer wonder why kinky-haired people are serious about wearing head-wraps at night? It’s not just to prevent breakage and rubbing on a pillowcase all night, it’s also because the pillowcase itself will draw the wonderful oils of hair and make it more dry and brittle. Consider a head wrap or using silky type pillowcases as opposed to cotton ones.
  • 2.You don’t need to wash your hair every day. Try rinsing it with hot water instead of washing it. Skip at least one wash a week. I wash my hair about once a month when I get a wild hair. All the other times, I rinse, sometimes I use plain sea salt to scrub my scalp, and go.

I would like to thank you and the academy. Now, email me if you have more questions!!

<3, Courtney Henslee