Food Poisoning or bad choices? TANGERINE OIL to the rescue!

Dec 9th 2014

Food poisoning? Or just my body in revolt for non-vegetarian choices?

I ate chicken wings last night and promptly my stomach was cramping and in a lot of pain. I finally got myself home (that felt like a forever car ride) and crawled into bed. I woke up over and over with nausea and hot flashes.

I FINALLY remembered I know how to treat food poisoning. 5 am, stumbled to the kitchen for a glass of water with 5 drops of tangerine essential oil. My stomach did not wake me up again. I am still sore and not about to run a marathon, but thank goddess the ocean promptly ceased. It is most difficult for the healer to heal thyself. I just wanted to slap myself on the arm and go, "DUH!"

There are also scientific studies on tangerine oil killing ecoli.

I keep tangerine oil around here, not just for your body scrubs, but as my family's version of "pepto". ANY stomach issues immediately get a dose with some fresh ginger.