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PLEASE text me at 719-299-0921

While I have never and will never charge by the hour or page for consultation, people ask me if they can at least give me something for my time and research that I put into the answers to questions. 

If you have had an email thread with me around skin or body issues, you know I write back with pages and try to pull scientific studies to back up my natural solutions. I also take the time to allow whatever Universal energy you want to believe in to help me come up with what may be right for this specific person. I ask more questions before I give answers. I am never a broken record and treat each and every case like my life depends on it.

All that being said, if you are moved to pay for the years I've spent studying and the daily time I spend keeping up with scientific studies and my ability to translate this information and turn it into products and shareable knowledge, then here's the place to do it.

I love you!!!

Courtney Henslee

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    Totally worth it!

    Posted by Jessie on Mar 5th 2018

    I was really moved to make a review on this service item that Courtney lists on her site. I have never met her and never been to her store but I placed an enquiry and was so impressed by her obvious overwhelming need to make sure I was taken care of. It takes a very special person to give so much time and effort to a complete stranger. She answered my questions and provided recommendations based on my unique situation. And she did it so thoroughly and completely and with such kindness I felt like I was in store having a personal consultation. That takes passion! That takes years of growing your knowledge base and digging deeper and deeper for the answers and speaking with customer after customer until everything flows with seeming effortlessness. I encourage everyone to throw one of these items in your cart as a thank you for finding all these wonderful answers and putting them into products that can change lives.