Why (Most) Sunscreen is Harmful to Your Health

May 29th 2019

Warmer days are finally upon us. But as much as I love being out in the sun as anyone else, I’m not a big fan of slathering myself with conventional sunscreen.Why?Simple. Because it’s toxic. Reports from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Co...
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Why Don't Doctors Do More About Skin Cancer?

Feb 17th 2019

Yesterday, yet another client came to me with melanoma spots that been removed over and over again by her dermatologist. And, yet again, another doctor didn't ask anything of their patient about what they use on their skin DAILY. Every sing...
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Allergen of the Year!

Jan 20th 2019

Every year the dermatology community gets together to name an Allergen of the Year so they can all learn a bit more about common ingredients that could be causing reactions in their patients. I will say that even as anti-soap as I am, I did...
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Leaving Skincare Behind

Jan 15th 2019

How did we get here? How did we get to the place where we are constantly seeking beauty in such a way that it's become a 134 BILLION DOLLAR industry this year. We are fascinated with watching skincare bloggers test a million products on their ow...
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Chemicals in Skincare

Jan 12th 2019

What about chemicals?I've been monitoring the change in skincare ingredients so closely for the past 10 years and I am constantly shocked as what passes as "natural". It's nearly heartbreaking as I have a stream of clients who come in and say, "but I...
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? What Herbs Do I Need In My Cleanser ?

Oct 7th 2018

I get it, choosing your facewash herbs can be confusing and overwhelming. Most of you know you can contact me for help on this crucial decision, but here is a reference list for you and your friends!!Some conditions and herb listsRosacea in a ba...
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What makes the best skincare in the world?

Jan 23rd 2018

In a world of pollution, changing climates, political unrest, heartbreaking realizations, corporate rule, government ass-hattery, and generally depressing news daily- how can I think about skincare? I ask myself this daily. The answer simply has...
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Your skincare isn't working!!!

Jan 9th 2018

In watching the market regularly, I am amazed at how many people are complacent with their skincare. So many people have bought the line that they just have to have acne, even just *some* acne. My avid clients know different and it's my goal for ever...
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Pumpkin in Skincare

Oct 4th 2017

It's that time of year again and it's time for me to start addressing the benefits, myths, and no-no's of all the pumpkin spice products you're about to encounter.Pumpkin can have a great place at the table of your skincare!Use it, Just don't over-us...
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