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This is truly a fantastic gift and an awesome way to spread the cheer of smooth healthy skin. 

This set gets you

1. one of our incredible Cleanser/Masks

2. our original Moisturizer,

3. a healing herbal toner make with local hand-collected Spring Water

4. one of our tick and luxurious Hair and Body Butters

5. a body scrub un-like any other brand with hand-milled salts and sugars and pure shea butter

This is an AWESOME pack for so cheap!!



~Melee Cleanser/Mask with White Willow Bark 1 oz $7

~SHU Healing Moisturizer Travel Size $6

~Blatant Toner 8ml Spray $4

~Body & Hair Butter (scent varies) 2 oz $16.50

~Body Scrub 2 oz (scent varies) 2 oz  $9




Customer Reviews (2)

Satin Finish

Posted by Shannon Townsend on Apr 7th 2017
I tried these products on a whim, after a spectacular experience with the Melee Face Wash. You know how when you get an over the counter product, it leaves your skin feeling 'Windex Clean' OR if you buy a ridiculously priced face product your face feels like satin for like... 5 minutes and then it's back to being 'Watered-Down-Windex Clean'?! I can't get over how soft, clean, and healthy my skin feels ALL.DAY.LONG. using Brazen Bee. I have VERY oily skin and I can feel a difference after only a week. I feel like one day, I might just have 'normal' skin. Even if I never do, I'll never go back. I love that even after a good scrub my face feels spectacular and it lasts.

Amazing products

I originally bought this as a gift for a friend, but then decided to keep it for myself, as I rarely treat myself to the "good stuff". I have had more acne as an adult and I am loving the Melee face wash. It has cleared up 2 bad zits I have had for weeks in just a few days and I love that it has NO chemicals in it. The Blatant toner is awesome. This is the first toner I have ever used that doesn't make my face feel dry after I use it. The Lemongrass Chamy Whipped Argan Lotion is my new FAVORITE lotion. It makes my skin feel so good. A little goes a long way, and there is NO water added so it is nice and thick, and holy cow does it smell gooooood! I think I have made at least 10 people try it and they all love it too. I have had brownish/red spots on the back of my arms for about 10 years now and no doctor can seem to tell me what it is and just want to give me nasty creams to try to get rid of it. I refuse to put chemical filled cream on my skin just to "see if it works". So, I am trying the Shu Healing Moisturizer along with 2nd skin to see if it helps. I have taken before pictures of my arms and will be posting after pictures after using this for a while. I am super excited to see if it helps.
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