Sun & Earth 5 Pack | BODY & ROOM SPRAY

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The Sun & Earth 5-pack of sprays is an amazing journey.

Whether you keep them all to go with your moods of the moment or gift them to others (after you figure out which one is your favorite, of course), you will adore having all of these in front of you at once.

This set is all of our woodsy earthy scents along with the ever-useful Brighten citrus spray.

Sun & Forest Spray pack includes:

Sun & Earth - This blend is so popular for its wonderful soothing capabilities. Citrus oils are very underutilized for their ability to relax the muscles of the body.

Sun & Earth is citrus meets the groundedness of Patchouli and Nature Identical Sandalwood.

Campfire Burlesque - this literally smells like a sweet musky campfire and will take you back to nights of friends playing guitar around the campfire.

Woodland Fairy - What can we say but THIS IS EVERYONE'S NEW FAVORITE. It smells like... a woodland fairy.

Earth & Calm - Our topseller in spray and body butter for a solid 8 years now! This perfectly balanced patchouli and lavender is soothing to the core.

Brighten - The happiest of citrus blends ever. Sweet Orange, Key Lime, and many more meet up in this bottle and give you a sense of uplifted calm.

 5x 2 oz bottles with spray tops.

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