The fine print...



We currently ship in USPS flat rate envelopes and boxes.  This saves you money and ensures a 2-day delivery once your products have left Brazen Bee Beauty. The prices for shipping that you are charged are below what we pay!! We eat some of that cost for you! 

Please note that these are customized, hand-made products and turnaround time can take up to 10 days. 

We typically ship out every Monday before end of business, so if you place an order on Monday night or Tuesday, etc., your order will likely not go out until the following Monday.

While the turn around can take 10 days, those cases are pretty rare and really only happen when we've had a large sale and are having a hard time hand-making so much product at one time. But our sincere commitment to high quality and one-on-one service are something that all of our current clients will tell you is well worth the wait when we get back up.

SO THANK YOU in advance for understand we are just people over here trying to serve people and we always do whatever in our powers we can to be sure things are out asap.  


For concerns, questions or for returns, please Submit your inquiry to us with this link.  

or email