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Scalp Treatment | HAIR CARE




This concentrated dreamboat is undoing all the havoc you wreaked on us!



Quitting shampoo ain't always easy. 

It is, however, the best thing you can do for your hair, scalp, and skin.

You're going to be so grateful we finally stopped

            talking smack about your shampoo and offered a REAL REPLACEMENT.

Here are some things shampoo does to your head:

~puts a sheet of glycerin over all your little hairs that BLOCKS the absorption of conditioning oils

      ~CAUSES DANDRUFF by removing the beneficial oils your scalp worked hard to make to try to AVOID the dandruff that YOU'RE creating every time you wash with shampoo

~promotes hair loss by creating an imbalance in good bacteria and oils on the scalp

Where do we go from here?

It's time to dump the shampoo train and get a regimen that is way less maintenance and completely healthy.

I haven't washed my hair in years, except for the 3-4 times a year that I get my hair dyed, and now every time I do have to use shampoo it throws off the whole system and I end up with dandruff and stupidly dry hair for 2 weeks after I wash with shampoo.

I scrub my scalp every 2-3 weeks to remove oil and skin cell build-up and that's it. That's IT. 

I've developed this scalp scrub with dead sea salt to nourish the scalp with necessary minerals to promote hair growth and scalp health.

French green clay and the salts work to remove just enough oils from the scalp and hair to keep it looking fresh and clean.

A very small touch of baking soda provides a touch of astringent action and the essential oils I've added promote hair growth as well.

Amla has been used by women in India for thousands of years for hair health and shine.


Brain Wash is a concentrated product and should be cut with sea salt or even table salt if that's all you have laying around.

Most clients do a 50/50 split. Some go as low as 30% Brain Wash and 70% sea salt. 

Wet Method Application:

Wet Hair.

Apply to scalp in all areas by parting hair, shaking a small amount into part of hair, reparting in a new area, applying to that scalp area.

Scrub areas as you go along through the whole head.

Massage further as you rinse through the rest of your hair. 

Apply pure oils as conditioner.

Dry Method Application:


1. Apply to scalp in all areas by parting hair, shaking a small amount into part of hair, reparting in a new area, applying to that scalp area.

(Some people tie their hair up in a bandanna and leave it for a while or overnight. Some people spray water in their hair to activate the ingredients further and leave it on for an hour.)

2. Wet hair slightly 


3. Scrub the whole head in a scalp massaging manner :-)


4. Massage further as you rinse through the rest of your hair. 


5. Apply pure oils as conditioner.


You will find that as you do this and the glycerin coating is removed from your hair that

your hair will soak in pure oil conditioners at a rate you've never experienced before!  


Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Amla Powder, Baking Soda, French Green Clay.

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Armoise Mugwort, Turmeric, Fir Needle



2 oz glass jar

previously sold in 4 oz jars but we made them smaller so Brain Wash is more affordable.

Remember that this is a concentrated product and you should mix it at least 50/50 with sea salt, raw sugar, or a blend of both.







Brain healing
Posted Aug 19th 2019 by Suzanne L. Koehler

So to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm using this "correctly." I've only been doing the Wet method, in the shower, and scrubbing into my scalp as much as possible, but my hair is very thick and long so sometimes that feels difficult. However the glycerin/ gunk coming out of my scalp is TREMENDOUS and that made me feel like I'm doing it wrong. ;) Now I use BrainWash every other day in the shower and I think the GUNK is finally exhausting itself, after doing this for 3 weeks. But "soft and manageable?" not yet. I think it would be helpful to print or post a guide of how to use it in the first month, weaning off shampoo, especially when your scalp is expunging metric tons of crap like mine did. Courteney says a "maintenance use" is every 2 or 3 weeks, and between times you can get your hair wet, but not shampoo it, right? But what's the prescription for when you're just starting? I know that people who give way more Effs than me about appearances would have run screaming back to shampoo after just one use. Let's crowdsource a manual for how to do this without freaking out. :)

Very Good
Posted Jan 11th 2019 by Erin

I have sebhorriac dermatitis and this stuff works well and makes my hair feel so good. I’m still trying to get my ratios down and trying to slow down my use of shampooing so I don’t think I’ve reached my full potential with Brain Wash.....but so far, so good!

Brain Wash
Posted Nov 9th 2018 by Jaden-Thiago

My partner and I have been battling persistent dandruff and my partner has been dealing with it to the extent of it basically being an eczema flare. We added salt to it, one-to-one ratio, and it has been life changing. It has greatly improved the condition of our scalps and has cut the frizz down so much too. It’s a little weird and hard to get used to but it’s so worth it. When we left town for a couple of weeks to deal with a family emergency, we decided not to take it with us and near the end of the trip we could not wait to get home and use some Brain Wash and Pits n Bits. Will definitely buy again!!

Posted Sep 23rd 2018 by Kayla

I couldn't even massage it in for more then a couple seconds and it felt like 100 fire ants were on my scalp!! I tried asking about it and my questions weren't answered. Also it's not white!! In the pictures it looks white mine was a brownish color. I'm very disappointed I was hoping this would be the cure to my severe dandruff problem. I feel like I wasted $20.

Love Brain Wash
Posted Feb 17th 2018 by Annie

I try not to wash my hair too often, so I was really happy to find Brain Wash. I use it about once a week, and it leaves my scalp clean and moisturizes my hair beautifully. My hair is really thick and this makes it even thicker! I want to try Courtney's other hair products now:)

Scalp Healing
Posted Feb 17th 2018 by Jarred

the entire condition of my scalp has improved in leaps and bounds since switching to Brain Wash. I was finding small spots of dry and peeling skin that I couldn't explain or fix until my third use of this scalp scrub. My skin is completely smooth and my hair hasn't been this thick in years.

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Scalp Treatment | HAIR CARE
Scalp Treatment | HAIR CARE
Scalp Treatment | HAIR CARE
Scalp Treatment | HAIR CARE